April 01, 2010

Blog Reviewed:Sparkz

Hello everybody,sorry I was not able to post yesterday but I am posting today the review of the blog of the winner of the second contest of the week- Rakesh Mallya.His blog - Sparkz.Here is the review of his blog:-

This one is a nice blog with a blogger template and many great posts.Nowadays he is writing some stories which are very interesting to read.Do open his blog and read those awesome stories which are must in his blog.His 2009 posts are also very nice.Widgets are less but no problem because it looks good.But I have a suggestion.The owner of this blog should change the template.Search from here- http://www.btemplates.com and you will get many good themes for your blog.Now let me rate it.
Content:-5/5 Content is the main thing and that's what his blog has the best.
Widgets:-3/5 Widgets are not so good but still nice.
Template:-2/5 This is the only thing which should be changed.
Overall:-3.5/5 Very good blog.
This blog is really good so go and visit it. SPARKZ.

Now lets talk about the next contest.Today's match is:-
Kolkata Knight Riders vs Deccan Chargers
So the question is:-
How many fours will be hit in the match?
Tell by commenting.The one whose answer is closest to the right answer wins and gets his blog reviewed.Do write your blog's link with your comment.

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Dan* said...

nice :)

Congratz Sparx i like that toggle game :D

Himanshu Karki said...

congrats buddy

nd i think number of four in todays match will be 47

Rakesh Mallya said...

Thank you.