April 26, 2010

IPL ends with Chennai winning it

Last night I stayed up till 12:30 am watching the whole match and wanting Mumbai to win it with my Mumbai Indian jersey on BUT even with an injured Sachin scoring 48 runs of 45 balls they were not able to get it and were only able to make 146-9 in reply to Chennai's 168-5.

So after the match few things still remained at Mumbai's side.They were:-
1.Sachin Tendulkar remained the top scorer of IPL 2010.
2.Mumbai retained there record of not bein "ALL OUT" in any of IPL 2010 match.
Tell more if you know by commenting.
Which team were you cheering?Well, it doesn't matter now.
Let me tell you this.I wasn't satisfied with this match.This was the final.I hoped it to be more intense,close match but it was a known match after 19.2 overs at Mumbai's side which wasn't the case in IPL 2009 or 2008.So this year was good but the 2nd year was great so the 4th one should we AWESOME.And also there will be a BIG shuffling in the 4th year as the contracts were for only 3 years and even two new teams will be added - Kochi and Pune which makes it more interesting.So the IPL 2010 is over with my rating as 8/10 to the whole tournament.Hey the T20 World Cup is coming closee.Its starting on 30th April.More Twenty Twenty coming your way

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April 24, 2010

CSK vs MI DLF IPL 3 Final

Well! Well! Well! we have got the finals.Its Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings.So let me tell you the results of that matches in which these teams have faced off.
1st Match:- Mumbai wins
2nd Match:- Chennai wins
Its 1-1 in this IPL season.
1st Match:- Chennai wins
2nd Match:-Mumbai wins
Again 1-1.Great going.
1st Match:-Mumbai wins
2nd Match:-Chennai wins
1-1 again.

So if we see their previous records in previous Indian Premier League's we see that they have had a tough competition.In every IPL the score between Chennai and Mumbai is 1-1.In IPL 1 and IPL 2 we didn't saw the result of their face-offs but in this season we will get one.The 3rd match between Chennai and Mumbai in this season will tell us which team is better than another.In this season Mumbai Indians really played fantastically and won 10 matches out of 14.Great batting from Sachin Tendulkar helped them very much to win those matches.And if we look at Chennai's side they won 7 matches out of 14.If we see their records of this IPL we will see that Mumbai is in good form so they could win it but they have never made it to finals of any IPL season except this which Chennai has done.They were in the first IPL final and lost in the last over.So they have the fire in them to do what they have missed doing in the first season.

So now which team do I support?Well,I support Mumbai Indians because of their fantastic form in this IPL and because of players such as Sachin Tendulkar,Harbhajan Singh,Zaheer Khan etc.Which team do you support?Tell in the comments.And also today i.e 24th April 2010 is the birthday of Sachin Tendulkar so I want to wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY SACHIN as he turns 37.

Tell which team you want to win.The final is on 25th April 8:00 pm.Don't forget to watch it.
And with this post my blog has completed 150 posts. :D :D :D :) :) :)
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April 19, 2010

Just getting fed up of....

Well I am back from Delhi after spending a week there.Now I wanted to post about this from a long time.

Messages / Scraps such as:-
I am so sorry for sending this.If u love ur papa send this to 10 people
except me.One girl did not send this and her papa died in 365 days later.I love my papa sorry

I just hate these scraps and delete just when I see it.This is just rubbish.
What do you think of that?List more annoying things in your comments.
P.S-This post was the 149th post of my blog.One more post to 150.

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April 07, 2010

The Dream Comes False

"The Dream Comes False" is the name of my newest story.Here it is:-

Johnny was an intelligent boy, great in studies and many other activities but was a ZERO in swimming. He was very shy so he couldn't tell the swimming teacher to teach him swimming. His friends laughed at him. Then he told his parents about it. They called a swimming teacher named Numero to teach Johnny swimming. Numero said that he could teach Johnny swimming in only one month. Johnny was very happy, he felt like his dream came true. Then after three months Johnny was booked for a swimming race by Numero. Numero told Johnny that he has to win this race. Johnny was confident. He and all the other participants came to the swimming pool arena.1------------2---------------3 *SHOOT* and every participant jumped into the pool. Johnny was at his best. When he had nearly reached the end, he looked back to see where were the other participants. He saw a participant Masekro who made a joke of him at school. Then he remembered those days when everybody laughed at him. His body became straight in the pool as if he was standing, he moved his legs and hands to survive. He tried to move forward but instead of that he was going down. Everybody in
the audience thought that he is going to float and will come back up in seconds but he didn't.

Do tell me hows it by commenting.

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April 06, 2010

Blog Reviewed:The Last Page Of My Diary

Hello everybody,with my schools back open,I wasn't able to post yesterday or day before yesterday but doing it now doesn't matters because the Series Of Contest Week is over and I want to tell that the blogs reviewed in this week were the greatest blogs reviewed on my blog.Same case with the blog getting reviewed today.It is truly awesome.The winner of the last contest of the Series Of Contest Week is Deepak and his blog is - The Last Page of My Diary.So now,lets review it:-

Open the blog and you will see a hand writing with a pencil.Just loved that thing.Then go down and see the posts,the coolest and the greatest thing in that blog.Do read the poems,they are really awesome.The theme is grey and white.It is really cool.I loved the theme.It doesn't contains lot of widgets and maybe the blog doesn't need many.It is a great blog.So here goes the rating:-
Overall:-4.5/5 Very nice blog.Do read and comment.

So,it all ends here.I will be making more contests to get your blog reviewed.

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April 04, 2010

Blog Reviewed: A Dreamygal's World

Hello everybody,the question for yesterday's contest was:-
How many run outs will be in the match?
We saw only one run out from Mumbai vs Deccan.That was Deccan's VVS Laxman.One blogger commented 1 run out and she is A Dreamy Gal(Don't know her real name).Her blog which is reviewed:- A Dreamygal's World.So now let me review it:-

When I saw the comments and I opened the blog,my brain had a word for this blog - AWESOME.This blog is so neat and clean that I loved surfing it.The posts are great.And the blog has a lot of awards and is even published on Blogadda.The content of this blog is very nice.The widgets include very less things such as About Me,Follow The Blog,Labels,Facebook badge and the awards that blog has got.The template is girlish.It is perfect according to the blog.So the verdict for template goes that it is awesome.Now time to rate it:-
Overall:-4/5 This blog is really very good.Do visit it:- A Dreamygal's World

Now lets talk about today's and the last contest of Series of contests week.We have two matches today but only one of them count.It is the one at 8:00 PM IST.
Delhi Daredevils vs Royal Challengers Bangalore
The question is:-
How much score will be made by the team batting first?
a)50-100 runs
b)100-150 runs
c)150-200 runs
d)200 runs or more
This is the last contest of Series Of Contests Week so I made it a little easier.If two or more bloggers have a same choice,lucky draw will be done.Simple?So try it and yeah don't forget to leave your blog's link which you want to get reviewed with your comment.

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April 03, 2010

No comments No review

In yesterday's contest I was unable to get even a single comment hence in today's post - No Blog Review.But today I will get the comments and tomorrow will review a blog.So lets talk about today's contest.Today there are two matches but the contest would be only for the one taking place at 8:00 pm.That match is:-
Mumbai Indians vs Deccan Chargers
Today's question is:-
How many run outs will take place in the match?
This is your second last chance so try to win and get your blog reviewed.

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April 02, 2010

Results are out; Contest continues

Hello everybody,today the results of my final exams were declared and I got 94.3% percentage.So now lets get to the contest.The winner of the last contest is Himanshu Karki.His blog - Technology My Soul.Now let me review it:-

This blog is full of tech posts as the name says.If you visit and read his posts you are gonna get a lot of info about technology.But this year only 3 posts have been written so waiting for some new posts.The template has been carefully chosen for the blog and the template is really awesome.It is relevant to the topic of the blog.Now the widgets .The widgets on this blog are very wisely choses and are great.Great widgets.What to say more,this blog is a package so don't forget to give it a visit.Now the ratings:-
Content:- 4.5/5
Overall:-4.5/5 Just one suggestion - Write More Posts

Now lets talk about today's competition.Today's match is :-
Kings XI Punjab vs Royal Challengers Bangalore
The question for today's match is that:-
How many wides will be bowled in the match?
What do you think?Tell the answer by commenting.The person whose answer is most close to the right answer wins and gets his blog reviewed by me.

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April 01, 2010

Blog Reviewed:Sparkz

Hello everybody,sorry I was not able to post yesterday but I am posting today the review of the blog of the winner of the second contest of the week- Rakesh Mallya.His blog - Sparkz.Here is the review of his blog:-

This one is a nice blog with a blogger template and many great posts.Nowadays he is writing some stories which are very interesting to read.Do open his blog and read those awesome stories which are must in his blog.His 2009 posts are also very nice.Widgets are less but no problem because it looks good.But I have a suggestion.The owner of this blog should change the template.Search from here- http://www.btemplates.com and you will get many good themes for your blog.Now let me rate it.
Content:-5/5 Content is the main thing and that's what his blog has the best.
Widgets:-3/5 Widgets are not so good but still nice.
Template:-2/5 This is the only thing which should be changed.
Overall:-3.5/5 Very good blog.
This blog is really good so go and visit it. SPARKZ.

Now lets talk about the next contest.Today's match is:-
Kolkata Knight Riders vs Deccan Chargers
So the question is:-
How many fours will be hit in the match?
Tell by commenting.The one whose answer is closest to the right answer wins and gets his blog reviewed.Do write your blog's link with your comment.

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