April 19, 2010

Just getting fed up of....

Well I am back from Delhi after spending a week there.Now I wanted to post about this from a long time.

Messages / Scraps such as:-
I am so sorry for sending this.If u love ur papa send this to 10 people
except me.One girl did not send this and her papa died in 365 days later.I love my papa sorry

I just hate these scraps and delete just when I see it.This is just rubbish.
What do you think of that?List more annoying things in your comments.
P.S-This post was the 149th post of my blog.One more post to 150.

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1 comment:

Anshul said...

Yeah i agree with you.. i also get pissed off on getting such mails/scraps... don't knw why people fwd such mails.. whether they do it bcoz of their weird sense of humor or bcoz they believe it ?