May 29, 2010

Vini Man and Vini Bond 4 Chapter 2

In the last post I posted the first chapter of Vini Man and Vini Bond 4.If you haven't read it here is the link:-
Vini Man and Vini Bond 4 Chapter 1
Here is the second chapter:-
Chapter 2
Vane's Operation

Then Vini Man’s ghost left the body of that man.
“Hey Vini Bond do we have 2 lakh rupees at our home?”asked Vini Man’s ghost to Vini Bond’s ghost
“I think so” said Vini Bond’s ghost
Then they went to their home and took the money but they got in a big trouble because they couldn’t find that man in which Vini Man’s ghost entered when they were taking Vane to hospital. They tried much hard to find that man and at last they got the man. Then Vini Man’s ghost entered his body and went to doctor and he gave the money to the doctor. All the 5 criminals entered the operation hall in which Vane was resting through a window. Their names were Alex,Jet,Frot(Brother of Grot(A criminal in VM and VB 3)),Cot and Prat.
“Hey Frot,kill Vane”said Alex
“He killed my brother now I will kill him” replied Frot and aimed the pistol at Vane but Vane heard their voices. He didn’t had much power but he kicked on Frot’s hand so the pistol went out through the window. Then Vane kicked Frot and then Frot got out through the window but he was lucky as there were two men down who were taking a man on a stretcher and Frot fell on that stretcher so he was saved. Then he ran from there but Vane thought that Frot was dead and he continued fighting and then he punched Alex and then kicked him and Alex got out through the window and he fell down and died. Then Vane got up from the stretcher. Then Prat took Vane near the window but Vane punched Prat and he took a pistol from Prat’s pocket and killed him. Then Vane aimed on Jet but Jet ran and jumped through the window and died. Then Vane picked up Cot and threw him out of the hospital through the window.

So, how was the chapter?Tell by commenting.
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May 20, 2010

Vini Man And Vini Bond returns

The two big characters of this blog,the ones for which I made this blog are returning with Vini Man and Vini Bond 4.If you have not read the last 3 parts of Vini Man and Vini Bond, here are the links:-
Vini Man and Vini Bond
Vini Man and Vini Bond 2
Vini Man and Vini Bond 3
The first chapter of Vini Man and Vini Bond 4 is going to be published in this post.So,here it is:-
The Ghostly Adventures
Chapter 1
A Bad Start

Vane was walking on the road with Vini Man and Vini Bond’s ghosts. Vane saw a man with pistol. The man was going into a factory. Vane and the ghosts followed that man. When they reached in the factory they saw a gang of 5 people making fake money with some machines.
“Hey Vane, do you have pistol?” asked Vini Man’s ghost
“No, I don’t have, but why?”said Vane
“Because these all are criminals” said Vini Man’s ghost
“I will stop this. Just let me know where is the switch of fan” said Vane
“It’s there” said Vini Bond’s ghost pointing towards the switches
“OK, let me see” said Vane and walked towards the switches without making any noise and switched on the fan.
Then the currency notes started flying away. Then Vane kicked one man and punched another man but the other three men caught Vane but Vini Man’s ghost took them up so Vane was saved but afterwards the man who got a kick from Vane, that man got up and fired the pistol on Vane and Vane was injured. Then Vini Man and Vini Bond’s ghosts took Vane to hospital. The Vini Man’s ghost entered one man’s body and went to doctor and said ”Doctor, please do Vane’s operation.”
“OK,I will do that.Just bring 2 lac rupees”replied Doctor
“OK I will bring.Just do the operation”replied Vini Man’s ghost.
The chapter ends,so how was the chapter?Well,its just started.This story has 8 chapters in total.

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May 17, 2010

England Won It!!!

The T20 world cup is over and as you can see,England won it.They won their final with Australia.It was just an easy win for England as their target was just 148 runs.I supported Australia and they lost.Well,not happy with it but still not even sad because it was not about India.

May 16, 2010

Old Rivals Ready For The Final Battle

Only one of them will be smiling when the match on Sunday comes to an end.

The T20 World Cup 2010 is coming to an end tonight with the final as Australia vs England.These two teams have a long long history.Well,I am not going to go to the long long history between the teams but just the preview of the match.
Australia hasn't lost even a single match in this tournament which gives them the big momentum.On the other hand,England has lost just one match in this tournament that also in the league stages.Here are some of the stats between Australia and England:-

May 15, 2010

Got a domain

Yeah,as you read the title of the post.I have got a domain.I have got the .info domain.Now,if you will open this blog will open.After three years of blogging,I got this domain for free.But how?

May 14, 2010

!Get An Award! Post 2 Winners

Hello everybody,in the last post I said your blog can get an award and can get their place in the blogroll of my blog.So,for that I have got the nominations for all the four categories.Here they are:-
1.Best Blog
(a)Amazing Things Of Amazing World
(b)Danzy World
(c)Welcome to Vyo's World
(d)Knowledge Hub
(e)Blogspot Knol
(f)The Times Of Everywhere
(g)Welcome To My World
2.Best Blog in Content
(a)Amazing Things Of Amazing World
(b)Danzy World
(c)Knowledge Hub
(d)Blogspot Knol
(e)Welcome To My World
(f)The Times Of Everywhere
(g)Indescribably Beautiful
3.Best Blog In Design
(a)Danzy World
(b)Knowledge Hub
(c)Blogspot Knol
(d)Welcome To My World
(e)The Times Of Everywhere
4.Best Blog In Widgets
(a)Danzy World
(b)Knowledge Hub
(c)Blogspot Knol
(d)Welcome To My World
(e)The Times Of Everywhere

So the nominees are listed above.Now the winners.
The Best Blog award goes to......
Danzy World because it has so many things in it.It is a really awesome blog.Do visit it.
The Best Blog In Content award goes to.......
The Times Of Everywhere because this blog is full of so many entertaining posts.Do visit it.
The Best Blog In Design award goes to.........
Welcome To My World because I really liked the header and the colour of the template.
The Best Blog In Widgets award goes to.......
Knowledge Hub because he has kept his blog very clean even with the use of the widgets.

Congrats to all of the blogs which won the award.I thought that the award shown in the previous post is not very much good so I have changed the award and here is it:-

So the award giving is over.I want to say to the ones who have not won it had really a good blog.You people should really visit them.If you wont you will miss so many things which you would have wished to see.And also there would be more contests in my blog so keep visiting my blog for more.

May 08, 2010

!Get an award! Post 1

Hello everybody,I was just getting bored and thats why hadn't posted anything on the blog from some weeks.So I thought lets give some an award to some good blogs.There are four categories and four different awards for that.Here are the categories:-
Here is the award:-

Now let me tell you how to get it.Submit your blogs by commenting and also write the category in which you want to nominate your blog.The four who win will get that award and their blog would be promoted in my blog and will be added to the blogroll.
Just do the things told above to get it started,I will tell the next things in the next post.

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