January 28, 2010

Vteam Game Review

Just some 10-15 days ago I made a blog - Game Reviews.I thought to make it a team blog and now I have 8 members in the blog.So I want to invite you people also to this blog.Games of any platform can be reviewed on the blog.Reviews should be original and not copied and pasted from another website.Now if you are interested leave your email address in the comments and I will invite you for contributing to my blog.
My blog-

Game Reviews

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January 24, 2010

Larry Bloyd Part II

Hello everybody.This post is for a sequel of a story written by me.To see the first part see this post - Larry Bloyd I

Larry Bloyd, still in 6th class, failed 3 times and now ragging juniors and getting ragged by seniors. The new principal of the school, Mr Joseph made a rule that no one will go to the toilet during classes. To see that no one goes to the toilets during classes he had set some cameras in the school, also in the boy's toilets which gets switched off during the breaks.Larry missed doing toilet in the lunch break and now was stopping his urine.He thought that he can't stop it till the last period so he thought to get out of the class quietly.And he even succeeded in his plan.He was running to the toilet but in between a teacher stopped him and asked him to bring some notebooks from a class.Larry said "I don't have time to do all these stupid things" and pushed the teacher into the girl's toilet and ran from there.Then a senior stopped him and asked for some money,Larry Bloyd showed him his middle finger and ran as fast as he can.He got into the toilet.When he looked back,out of the toilet he saw that the principal was taking rounds of school.So he stood up and went to the commode.He touched his pant to open the zip.He felt something wrong.He looked down and he saw that his pant was wet.

Tell me how was the story by commenting.In the end I want to wish Orkut a happy birthday.Orkut is 6 year old now.

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January 19, 2010

Review: Its Arjun's Blog

Yesterday I posted the results of the contest.I even told you that the first blogger to find out that odd thing in the video will get the entry to the next contest without doing anything.No one got that odd thing.You can find the odd thing after MK's player card.The odd thing is the puppies.Now lets review It's Arjun's Blog.
Content: The content of this blog is great.The new posts are very entertaining.But if we see the older posts some of them are copied from wikipedia,books and other websites.But after that the owner of this blog Arjun wrote original posts which are very interesting and fun to read.
Template: The template Pro-Black is great.The template rocks as I also have the same template.
Widgets: The widgets in this blog are good.Do feed the fishes on his blog.This blog's feed the fishes widget is my favourite widget of this blog.
Now here are the ratings:-
Content- 3.5/5
Template- 5/5
Widgets- 2/5
Overall- 4/5
Do visit this blog- Its Arjun's Blog

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January 17, 2010

Find The Differences: Results

This post is for the result of the Find The Differences contest.In this contest I made players of the participating bloggers on Smackdown Vs Raw 2010(PS2) and made them fight.First Rohit Rajpal and Ankit Gupta fought in a tables match.See the video below to see who
Now here are the ones who gave 5 differences
Rohit Rajpal
Ankit Gupta
Now the ones who got 10 differences
Arjun Chauhan
Aditya Aima
His blog- ~Reflections~
His blog- Mind Thinks
Zanil Hyder
His blog- Zanilhyder.info
His blog- Knowledge Hub
To see the results see the video.The differences are also in the video.

Arjun Chauhan wins this contest.I have an odd thing in the video.Spot that odd thing out in the video(presnets is not an odd thing) and the first blogger to spot that odd thing will be in my next contest's lucky draw.This is not for the ones who have got their blog reviewed on this site.
Video credit goes to Shiva Nagri.
I will review Arjun's blog - It's Arjun's Blog in the next post.I will be telling the odd thing in the next post so spot it before I add the next post in 1 or 2 days.

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January 02, 2010

New Contest: Find the Differences

The contest is back here.As always,the winner will get his blog reviewed by me.In this contest I will give you two pictures.You just need to find 5 differences to get to the lucky draw.By the way the picture has 10 differences.The bloggers who find all the ten differences will get a direct entry to the final.There will be no lucky draw for them.The bloggers who answer who tells 5 differences will be in the lucky draw and the winner of the lucky draw will be in the final with the ones who have given ten correct answers.Don't surf the internet for the answers.You can't copy the answers from other bloggers because I have enabled the comment moderation and I will accept the answers after the contest will be over.I request all of the bloggers who have got their blog reviewed by me that do not give the answers,but still,do comment.So here are the pictures.Best Of Luck and don't cheat.

Click the photos to enlarge



Best of luck to all of you.
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