June 23, 2010

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Vini Man and Vini Bond Chapter 5

Here we are,the 5th chapter is ready to get published but before that, here are the links of the last 4 chapters:-
Chapter 4
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Chapter 2
Chapter 1
Lets move to the 5th chapter of Vini Man and Vini Bond 4:-
Chapter 5
Let's Find Him

In the note, it was written - “Vane, I knew that you won’t be able to catch me…and guess what, I was right. You will never be able to find me. Ha Ha” Vane was angry at himself. He took the note and tore it. He didn’t know what to do, he went to the balcony of that room and he saw the plane which was going to Mumbai. “Now, I don’t think that I can catch Frot. I should go back to Mumbai.” Vane thought and the next morning he booked his ticket for Mumbai and went to Mumbai. He reached Mumbai and sat in a taxi. He had to go to the Bluemount hotel. In the way, he saw Frot. He was so surprised that he asked the taxi driver to stop, gave him the fare and went to a call booth.
“Hey, come to Mumbai. I found Frot here” said Vane to Vini Man’s ghost
“OK, we are coming” said Vini Man’s ghost and he told Vini Bond’s ghost to come with him to Mumbai. Then they flew to Mumbai and reached there.
"Now we have to find Frot. O.K?" asked Vane
"Yes we will find him. Don’t take tension"said Vini Man's ghost
"So go and find him" said Vane to both of the ghosts
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June 22, 2010

Vini Man and Vini Bond 4 Chapter 4

I hope you must have liked the last three chapters.Before publishing the 4th chapter let me give you the links for the first three chapters:-
Chapter 3
Chapter 2
Chapter 1
Now lets move to the 4th chapter:-
Chapter 4

Then Vane went to the airport and saw that Frot was getting into the plane and Vane ran towards the plane. There was a car beside the plane. First Vane jumped on the car and then he jumped on the airplane but he was just able to catch the tail of the plane. Then Vane climbed up and lay on the airplane. After 9 hours the plane reached Sydney. The time was 11:00 pm. Then Vane followed Frot and they went to a hotel. Vane saw that Frot was booking room no. 423, he thought of taking room no. 424 or 422.

“Hey, I have booked the room no.423, can you give me the key of the room” said Frot to the receptionist and gave him 100$.
“Here sir, take it” replied the receptionist and gave him the key
Then Frot went to his room. Vane came to the receptionist and asked for a room.
“OK, your room no. is 433”said the receptionist
“No, I want room no. 424 or 422”said Vane
“Why sir?” said the receptionist
“One of my friends is staying at room no.423. His name is Frot, that’s why I want a room next to his room” said Vane
“Ok sir, here is the key for room no. 424” said the receptionist
Then Vane went to that floor, kept his luggage in his room and went back down to lobby.
Then he went to the ground floor. Chain got out of his room and he spotted Vane on the ground floor. He decided to get back to Mumbai. Then, he went out of the hotel without being seen by Vane and booked a ticket for Mumbai. The time of that airplane was 12:15 am. When Frot was at the airport, Vane entered his room and saw that there was no luggage. He got shocked and when he looked at the back of the door of that room, Frot had left a message.
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June 04, 2010

Vini Man and Vini Bond 4 Chapter 3

Hello everybody.As you know my Vini Man and Vini Bond 4 series is going on.In case you have missed the first two chapters of this story you can read it from here:-
Vini Man and Vini Bond 4 Chapter 1
Vini Man and Vini Bond 4 Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Oh Shit!!!

Vane was happy that all the 5 criminals are dead but then he got a call from Frot. He took the phone and answered the call “Hello”
“Hi,Vane” said Frot
“Hey, who are you?”asked Vane
“You will be shocked when I will tell you who am I” said Frot
“Tell me” shouted Vane
“OK, I am Frot” replied Frot
“What? You can’t be Frot. I killed him” shocked Vane
“No, you didn’t kill me. You just threw me out of the window” replied Frot
“Oh Shit” said Vane to himself
“As I am a good thief I am telling you that I am going to Sydney tonight. Catch me if you can” said Frot and cut the call.
Then Vane ran from there but when he went out of the operation hall all the doctors and nurses tried to stop him because he was not fine but Vane pushed them all and ran from the hospital. Vini Man and Vini Bond’s ghosts saw him so they followed him. Then they asked to Vane “What happened?”
“Frot is going to Sydney. I have to stop him” answered Vane
“We will take you to airport swiftly” said Vini Man’s ghost. Then Vini Bond and Vini Man’s ghost took Vane and flew to the airport. Then Vane saw Frot into the plane and he ran swiftly towards the plane but the plane took off and Vane said “Oh Shit”
Then Vane went to his house and took some money.
“Why are you taking the money?”asked Vini Man’s ghost to Vane
“Now I have to go to Sydney” said Vane
“OK, let’s see some news” said Vini Bond’s ghost
Then Vane switched on the television and kept a news channel. The news was “The plane going to Sydney was crashed. Only one man left alive. He is in Mumbai Hospital”.
“Oh, I think that man would be Frot” said Vane
“So now I will go to Mumbai” said Vane
“OK, let’s go” said Vini Man’s ghost
“No, I will go alone” said Vane
“OK” said Vini Bond’s ghost
”Then Vane went to airport and got into the airplane. Then Vane reached Mumbai and called a taxi and went to Mumbai hospital. Then Vane went to the enquiry counter and asked for Frot.
“Frot was admitted here yesterday but he ran from here” said the man who was standing at the enquiry counter.
Then Vane got a call. He picked up his phone and said” Hello, who are you?”
“Hi Vane who do you think who am I?”replied the caller
“Oh Frot” said Vane
“Yeah, guessed right” said Frot
“Now, today I will go to Sydney. Catch me if you can” said Frot and cut the phone
“Huh now what will happen in Sydney” Vane said to himself
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