February 25, 2010

Exams are coming I am going

Hello everybody.With my final exams on the way this is my last post till 17th March.My final exams are starting from 2nd March with the first exam as Maths.This post is to tell you that I will not be making posts or doing anything to my blog till 17th March and after that date I will be writing posts about the results of DLF IPL 2010 which is starting on 12th March.Supporting Royal Challengers Bangalore this time.Hope that they win it.Tell me which team do you want to win in the comments and also give me Best Of Luck for the exams.

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February 20, 2010

I got my Lockerz T-Shirt

Hello everybody.By inviting 20 people to Lockerz and waiting for atleast 1 to 2 month, I finally got my hands over the lockerz t-shirt some days ago.I have written a post about Lockerz some 2 or 3 months ago.Here is it- Lockerz: An invitation only website.So let me remind you it is an invitation only website so if you want to sign up you need an invite.To get the invite leave your email address in the comments.So now here are some pics :-

And now here is the t-shirt:-

The t-shirt was not of my size so here is the pic of my brother wearing it:-

So that was it.If you also want to join lockerz leave your email address in the comments and I will invite you.
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February 06, 2010

Save Tigers:Only 1411 tigers left

You would have seen that advertisement by Aircel.Only 1411 tigers are left in India.Tigers are our national animal.And now we are left with so much less tigers.At one time it was more than 40,000 and now its just 1411.

Here is how you can help:-
Organizations such as WWF and The Corbett Foundation work for tiger conservation and need our active support. If possible, you can chip in with funds, volunteer for work or donate clothes, etc. for the forest guards by tying up with such organizations.
Visit tiger sanctuaries and national parks and discover our country’s natural heritage. But please remember that the wilderness is to be experienced, not to be polluted by packets of chips, etc.
(3) Speak Up
Write a letter or an email to editors of popular newspapers and magazines, asking them to support the cause and highlight the urgency to save our tigers. The more people we can reach and inform, the stronger our roar will be.

We need to save the tigers and we can by those steps.Join the roar on aircel's website.I have also joined it.

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