January 25, 2009

Some Interesting Facts!!!

Hello once again.Now I am gonna share 10 interesting facts.So let me share them.

1.Your sense of smell is at its best when you are 10 years old.....explains why kids notice foul smells faster than adults.
2.Only female bees can sting.The queen bee and the worker bees are females and only they have the sting.
3.Swiftlets stay in dark caves and use echolocation* to find their way, just like bats.
4.In Echolocation, high-frequency sound waves are emitted.The path is found by listening to the reflected sound waves.
5.A rope made from 1000 hair strands could lift a full grown man.
6.Mickey Mouse's playful little pet,Pluto was named after the planet,as both were born in the same year.
7.Pluto is the smallest and coldest planet in our solar system.Its surface temperature is somewhere between -210 Celsius and -235 Celsius.
8.Charon, discovered in 1978,is still awaiting classification as either the largest moon of Pluto or one member of a double-dwarf planet with Pluto,being the other member.
9. The IAU(International Astronomical Union) has decided to use the term 'plutoid' for all dwarf-planets found beyond Neptune.
10.The IAU has given certain conditions that define a planet.Unfortunately Pluto does not fulfill the last condition,that a planet must have cleared the neighbourhood around its orbit ,therefore in 2006,after it was found that Pluto shared many characteristics with Kuiper belt objects,it was classified as a dwarf-planet.
*Echolocation-Determining the location of something by measuring the time it takes for an echo to return from it.
Source of information-
Disney Adventures(Mag)
So they were some interesting facts.

January 18, 2009

10,000 visits!!! Woohooo

Today I am very happy because my blog has got 10,000 visits.
I have made a picture with the help of Microsoft Paint.
Check it out:-

For getting me these visits the two websites who helped me the most are:-
Orkut and Traffic Center

Now about the contest-Story no.2.This story was written by me.The winner of this story is...
Asit Dhal- http://asitinblogzone.blogspot.com/
So let me review his blog:-
This blog is based on his life(the title says this.The title is "Life Life This").There are some very nice posts in the blog and some are just good.The widgets is his blog are very good.There is not much to review about this blog as it has only 9 posts but they are nice.Now the template.The template is a blogger template but not very nice template.It is a black template and I didn't liked it so much.
Now let me rate it:-
So that was my review of the blog-Life like this.
Now the contest is over.Thank you for participating.

January 11, 2009

A Contest: Story no.2

As you know I had announced a contest.Now I am going to write the 2nd story.Danzy was the winner of Story no.1 so I request him not give answers of these questions.Now I am gonna tell you that which story I am gonna write is written by me-Vinayak Nagri.
Larry Bloyd

Larry Bloyd, a 10 year old boy.He had not interest in studies.He goes school just to do fun with his friends.One time he switched off the lights of the school and slapped a teacher.It was a rainy season and that time the sky was black so no one was able to see anything.Now he is in 6th class.After 2 months in 6th class now he had a unit test in his school.He didn't even informed his parents about the exams.When the day came when there was the first unit test,Larry told his mother that he had holidays for a week.After that week he went to his school and a teacher asked him that why didn't came school for a week.Larry lied that he was ill.One day he went to principal's office and said "Hey Princey,I want to eat chips".The principal got angry and kicked out of his office.One day Larry recorded 50 burps in a tape recorder and threw a net out of the principal's office and put the tape recorder on it and played the tape in which he had recorded the burps.The principal heard the burps and came out of the office and then he got trapped in that net.Then Larry came there and said to the principal "You kicked me out of your office,now I will kidnap you".Then he took the principal to a dustbin of the school and threw him in that dustbin.Then the principal said to Larry "Hey Larry,this dustbin is very comfotable.I can sleep here".Then after 3 years a worker of the school saw that dustbin.Then he threw the dustbin out of the school.The principal got out of the dustbin,yawning and said "My school has a great dustbin"and slept there once again.
Now 3 questions:-
Q1.What did the principal said when Larry threw him in the dustbin?
Q2.How many burps did Larry record in the tape recorder?
Q3.Why was Larry absent for a week?What excuse did Larry gave to his teacher?

Please leave your blog's links with the answers.So let's see who will be the winner of this story.

January 01, 2009

Happy 2009 with my Contest results

Hoping that 2009 will be a great year.

Now the turn of the results of the contest-Story no.1
First of all let me tell you the people who gave right answers.
Those people are:-
1.Sarvanshu Ahluwalia- http://www.sarv007.blogspot.com
2.Hashan Hazarika- http://www.bakwasdiary.blogspot.com
3.Mohammed Ibrahim- http://www.blog4info.blogspot.com
4.Insanely Positive(I don't know his name)- http://www.insanelypositive.blogspot.com
5.Kaber Vasuki- http://www.kaber-vasuki.blogspot.com
6.Danzy- http://www.danzyworld.blogspot.com
7.Abhay Mittal- http://www.abymittal.blogspot.com
8.Chintan Patel- http://www.lotsofwallpapers.blogspot.com

And now the winner is......
Danzy- http://www.danzyworld.blogspot.com
Congratulations Danzy.
Now time to review his blog.

Danzy World a nice entertaining blog.It has Blogger tricks,Information about Blogger templates,Computer tricks,Jokes,Magics and Pranks.Blogger tricks are very useful for our blogs.Information about Blogger templates are great.I didn't knew how to put date in my blog posts so I opened Danzy World and got the information and now I have that.Some of the jokes in his blogs are not much hilarious but some jokes are just great.Moving to the magics,I have seen some of the magic videos.They are great but I hope that if he had also added videos in which the magicians had revealed the trick.Now moving on to the pranks.I have not seen all the pranks but I have seen 2 or 3 of them and I was laughing very much in 2 of them but in the 3rd one I didn't laugh much so pranks could be good enough.And now let me talk about the template of the blog.The template is very nice.I liked the template.So template is good.
Now let me rate it:-
So that was my review of the blog-Danzy World.If you want your blog to be get reviewed wait for the next story.And for the last time in this post-