July 12, 2008

Vini Man and Vini Bond 3: Chapter 2

I think u have enjoyed the 1st chapter not very much but this is better than it.


2.The Burning House.

At home Vane said to Vini Man's and Vini Bond's ghost that                                                          "Hey you two come down.You know I got a new boss.His name is Osborn"

When he said this there had been a bomb blast but not in Vane's house but in his neighbour's house.He came out of his house and saw that the whole house was burning.Then all the people of colony came out.                                                                                                                                             "Who burned this house and who kept bomb in it" thought Vane

Then Vane called a Fire Brigade.When the fire brigade cam Vane said to them                                  "Hey, please water this house"                                                                                                                    They started watering the house and after 30 minutes the fire was extinguished.Then Vane got into the house and he saw that there were 4 dead bodies and slowly-slowly the dead bodies were standing up.One dead body came near to Vane from his back.One came from his front and two came from the right and left direction.Vane was totally scared.At home Vini Man's and Vini Bond's ghosts were finding him.They went outside of the house and they saw that their neighbour's house was without fire and they got know that Vane will be in that house only.They went in that house and saw 4 dead bodies around Vane.                                                                         "Oh Vane you are here and we were finding you in the home" said Vini Man's ghost                         "Shut Up!!! Can't you see that 4 shosts are around me" replied Vane in fear                                       "O.K. we are coming to take you"said Vini Man's ghost and took Vane to his house.