May 27, 2008

Results of IPL matches.

My summer vacations had started so I wasn't at home and not able to write posts but today I am at home so take the results of the matches I have not give.

Mumbai vs Kolkata-Mumbai beat Kolkata by 8 wickets
Jaipur vs Bangalore-Jaipur beat Bangalore by 65 runs
Delhi vs Molhali-Mohali beat Delhi by 6 runs(D/L method)
Kolkata vs Chennai-Chennai beat Kolkata by 3 runs(D/L method)
Hyderabad vs Mumbai-Mumbai beat hyderabad by 25 runs
Bangalore vs Delhi-Delhi beat bangalore by 5 wickets
Kolkata vs Jaipur-Jaipur beat Kolkata by 6 wickets
Mumbai vs Mohali-Mohali beat Mumbai by 1 run
Chennai vs Bangalore-Bangalore beat Chennai by 14 runs
Delhi vs Kolkata-Match Abandoned
Mohali vs Hyderabad-Mohali beat Hyderabad by 6 wickets
Chennai vs Jaipur-Jaipur beat Chennai by 10 runs
Delhi vs Mumbai-Delhi beat Mumbai by 5 wickets
Hyderabad vs Bangalore-Bangalore beat Hyderabad by 5 wickets
Kolkata vs Mohali-Kolkata beat Mohali by 3 wickets
Jaipur vs Mumbai-Jaipur beat Mumbai by 5 wickets

Now which teams do you want to come in semi finals?
Tell in comments.

May 15, 2008


Yesterday there was a match between Delhi vs Hyderabad.The result is:-
Result:Delhi beat Hyderabad by 12 runs.
First Hyderabad won the toss and choose to bowl first and then Delhi went to bat with openers-Sehwag and Ghambhir.Then to show that Adam Gilchrist(Captain of DC) has taken a good decision Vijaykumar got Sehwag out in the last bowl of the over on a duck but after that Shikhar Dhawan and Gautam Ghambhir made a solid partnership of 133 runs but after that Ojha took wicket of Ghambhir and did a break through for Deccan Chargers and this took Delhi to make 194-4 in 20 overs.Ghambhir was the highest scorer from Delhi team by making 79 runs.
Then Hyderabad went to bat and lost their captain Gilchrist in the 3rd over only.Then Shahid Afridi and Herschelle Gibbs did a good partnership of 50 runs.Then after that Rohit Sharma played well but not very well so they made only 182-9 and in this match Amit Mishra took a hattrick.It was the second hattrick in this tournament.

May 14, 2008

Result of a IPL match

As you all know yesterday there was a match between Kolkata vs Delhi.
Take the result of that match.
Result:Kolkata beat Delhi by 23 runs.
First Kolkata team won the toss and chose to bat first.They went to the ground with the openers-Salman Butt and Aakaash Chopra and they made a partnership of 35 runs and then Aakash Chopra got out on 13 runs.Then Saurav Ganguly(C) came and not done very useful thing for Kolkata and got out on just 7 runs with a sixer.Then David Hussey came and he was playing very slowly slowly but after that they managed to get only 133-6 in 20 overs and Salman Butt was the highest scorer from Kolkata side.Then Kolkata went to bat and Delhi lost their captain Virender Sehwag in the first over on 0.Then in another over of Shoaib Akhtar he took another big wicket as Gautam Ghambir on 10.Then in his third over he took 2 wickets as Ab de Villiers and Manoj Tiwary and in the 18th over Laxmi Ratan Shukla took 3 wickets and take the game into Kolkata Knight Riders's hand.
Today's match is Chennai vs Mumbai.Which team do you want to be win?
Write as a comment.

May 13, 2008

Results of IPL matches

Let's take the results of the matches.
Delhi vs Chennai-Chennai beat Delhi by 4 wickets
Kolkata vs Bangalore-Kolkata beat Bangalore by 5 runs
Jaipur vs Hyderabad-Jaipur beat Hyderabad by 8 wickets
Chennai vs Mohali-Chennai beat Mohali by 18 runs
Hyderabd vs Kolkata-Kolkata beat Hyderabad by 23 runs
Jaipur vs Delhi-Jaipur beat Delhi by 3 wickets
Mohali vs Bangalore-Mohali beat Bangalore by 9 wickets
Next match is of Kolkata vs Delhi tell me which team do you want to be win this match.

May 08, 2008


As you all know my internet connection but today it is ok so take the results of IPL matches.
Mumbai vs Delhi-Mumbai beat Delhi by 29 runs
Jaipur vs Chennai-Jaipur beat Chennai by 8 wickets
Bangalore vs Mohali-Mohali beat Bangalore by 6 wickets
Chennai vs Hyderabad-Hyderabad beat Chennai by 7 wickets
Mumbai vs Jaipur-Mumbai beat Jaipur by 7 wickets
And now I think my internet connection is good so I will try to give the results of today's matches fast.

May 04, 2008

Result of IPL matches

Today my internet connection is well so take the results.Only results because I don't know when my internet connection will be gone so take the results.
Chennai vs Delhi-Delhi beat Chennai by 8 wickets
Bangalore vs Hyderabad-Bangalore beat Hyderabad by 3 runs
Mohali vs Kolkata- Mohali beat Kolkata by 9 runs

May 02, 2008

Results of IPL matches

As you all know my internet connection is not good now a days but now the connection is all right so take the results of matches I have not given.
Mohali vs Delhi-Mohali beat Delhi by 4 wickets
Mumbai vs Hyderabad-Hyderabad beat Mumbai by 10 wickets
Bangalore vs Chennai-Bangalore beat Chennai by 13 runs
Kolkata vs Mumbai-Mumbai beat Kolkata by 7 wickets
Delhi vs Bangalore-Delhi beat Bangalore by 10 runs
Jaipur vs Kolkata-Jaipur beat Kolkata by 45 runs
Hyderabad vs Mohali-Mohali beat Hyderabad by 7 wickets
And now i will give the result of today's match when my internet connection will get connected.