May 08, 2008


As you all know my internet connection but today it is ok so take the results of IPL matches.
Mumbai vs Delhi-Mumbai beat Delhi by 29 runs
Jaipur vs Chennai-Jaipur beat Chennai by 8 wickets
Bangalore vs Mohali-Mohali beat Bangalore by 6 wickets
Chennai vs Hyderabad-Hyderabad beat Chennai by 7 wickets
Mumbai vs Jaipur-Mumbai beat Jaipur by 7 wickets
And now I think my internet connection is good so I will try to give the results of today's matches fast.


Dark_Gal said...

Well, cumulative reults!
But you know, we might have seen them everywhere!
some match analysis would be kick!
so long!!!

Ayesha said...

Is a 9yr old kid actually writing this blog??

Raphael said...

you are actually a 9 year old?
i have a 10 year old blogger sis!