August 25, 2008

Vini Man and Vini Bond 3:Chapter 6

Hi guys and girls.Get ready because I am giving you the 6th chapter.

6.Who's key is this?

"Hey Vit who's key is this?" asked Grot
"I don't know" replied Vit
"I think we should go to the detective"said Chain
"What? You are saying that we will go to detective" shocked Jack
"Chain is right.We should go to the detective and give him the key then after 2-3 days the detective will get to know who's key is this" said Jackie
"Now we should go" said Arker and they went to Vane's house.
"Are you a detective?" asked Chain
"Yes,what you all want"replied Vane and he doesn't knew the faces of Six Criminals.
"Hi,we got this key from road want to know whose key is this.Can you tell me that who's key is this?" asked Chain
"O.K let's go to my boss" replied Vane
"May I come in?" asked Vane
"Yes,but who are they"asked Osborn
"They are six men and they got a key from the road and thy want to know who's key is that"said Vane
"Say them to come in" said Osborn
Then Vane said the Six Criminals in and when Osborn saw them he got shocked.
"Vane these are Six Criminals take them to the police station"whispered Osborn to Vane
"O.K."replied Vane
"Come with me"said Vane to Six Criminals
Then Vane went to police station with Six Criminals and he stopped the Six Criminals outside the police station.Then Vane said to a constable in the police station that open one jail they have to put Six Criminals inside.Then that constable opens a jail and Vane called Six Criminals inside and said"Hands Up!!! You are under arrest"
Then Vane was taking Chain in the jail when he reached near to the jail he jumped back rotating himself and pushed Vane in the jail and ran from police station with his five partners but the key fell down in the police station.

August 13, 2008

Vini Man and Vini Bond 3:Chapter 5

I hope you liked my story till chapter 4.Now it is the turn of chapter 5.

5.Betrayal with Six Criminals

Now the robbing day came and Vit went to Mr Orn's house as a gardener and said
"I am a new gardener"
"So what?" asked Orn
"Tell me where is the garden?" said Vit
"O.K come with me I will tell you" replied Orn and showed the garden to Vit
When Vit enters the garden he asked"Now tell me what to do?"
"What?You are gardener and you don't know what to do?"replied Orn
"NO!!! I know but this your garden so what you will say I will do that"replied Vane
"O.K I will tell you"said Orn
When they were busy in gardening Chain and Grot came and when they came in the house and they opened one cupboard but the glass on it got broken.Orn heard the voice of glass and he went in the room but before Orn come in the room Chain and Grot ran away from the second door.Orn saw that no one was there so he come back to the garden but he saw that Vit was not there.Vit was in the room and he opened that door of the cupboard to take the box.He took the box and heard the voice of shoes and he knew that Mr Orn is coming so he took the box and ran from the room but his purse was still in the room and that is why he once again came in the room and Orn went out to find Vit. Then Vit took his purse and went out from the room and Orn came in to get Vit but Vit took the box and went out of the house and he called a taxi and sat in the taxi and got to his gang's house.He entered the house and said "Hey I got the box"and put the box down. They opened the box and saw that there was stones and one key but they didn't knew whose key is this. 

August 10, 2008

Vini Man and Vini Bond 3:chapter 4

So now the adventure begins because in this chapter the criminal are coming.Hope you will like this chapter.


4.Plan of Six Criminals

Then Vane went to his house.
"Hey Vane have you got any mission?" asked Vini Bond's ghost
"When he asked this question there was a call on Vane's mobile.He picked up the mobile and he saw that Osborn was calling him.
"Hi" said Vane
"Hey Vane we got a mission but this time you have to get 6 criminals.You have to get all the 6 criminals.And listen there is one problem and it is they make plans together but they complete them alone" said Osborn
"What do you mean by they complete their plans alone?"asked Vane
"Oh you dumb.I mean that they make thier plans toghether but they complete it indivisually."said Osborn
"O.K Sir I will do that" replied Vane and putted the phone
Now I will take you to the Six Criminals.
At thier house Six Criminals were making a plan to rob a house.
Chain(Head of the Gang),Jackie,Arker,Vit,Grot and Jack.
This gang is known as Six Criminals.Now they were planning.
"Hey Vit first you will go to the house... but not like this, you will go to house by a cycle and you will be acting as a gardener.You will say to Mr.Orn(The man whose house Six Criminals want to rob) that you are a new gardener and now tell me where is the garden.That is what Vit you have to say in start."said Chain
"O.K" said Vit
"Then when Orn will tell you Vit that where the garden is you have to say him to come with you and tell you that what you have to do and when you will be busy in gardening Grot and I will take that box which have money and jewelleries.When we will come out of the house Jackie,Arker and Jack will come in a van and take us to the home.Then Vit you get the work over and come to the home.We will beceome millionares.

August 03, 2008

Vini Man and Vini Bond 3:Chapter 3

Hey guys I wish that you have liked my story till chapter 2.
Now I am going to write the 3rd chapter

3.Vane tells story to Osborn

After Vini Man and Vini Bond's ghost took Vane back to home, Vane sraight away went to Osborn's office.
"Sir,I saw 4 dead bodies as they were moving in their house"
"What? 4 dead bodies were moving?"
"Yes sir" replied Vane
"O.K, Tell me full story what happened there"
"I was sitting on the bed.I heard a voice of bomb blast and I came out from my house and saw that my neighbour's house was burning.Then I called a fire brigade and then and they poured water on the house and after 1 hour the fire was extinguished.Then I went to my neighbour's house and I saw that there were 4 dead bodies and then they were slowly slowly standing up and then they all came around me and then I ran from there and came here.
This happened there."
"O.K. Thanks for telling me. Now go to home" replied Osborn
"O.K Sir" replied Vane and went to his home