October 30, 2008

Blog Review -Ultimate Place For Movies

I am gonna give a review of a blog named Ultimate Place For Movies.Its my friend's blog so that's why I am gonna give a review of this blog.So let me start the review.
The blog has new and old movies..Some latest and some old English,Hindi,Tamil and Telegu movies.The blog has more than 7000 movies in all the languages I think.Let me talk about its template.The template of the site is the only point where I don't like it.If you want to download the movies in FLV format you need Real Player Version-11.But you can only watch most of them.If your father wants to see old movies you can get them from this site.You can get English,Hindi,Telugu and Tamil movies from 1932 to 2008 and counting...
Now let me rate it.
Movies in it-4.5/5
So that was a review of the blog -Ultimate Place For Movies
If you are finding any movie you can visit this blog.I hope you will find that movie.

October 28, 2008


Today is DIWALI and I am making this post to wish you Happy DIWALI. So let me wish you with an e-card.

So how was the e-card?.
So now let me write some lines about DIWALI.
DIWALI- We celebrate because it is the homecoming of Rama to Ayodhya after 14 year exile in the forest, after he defeated the evil Ravana.Diwali's date changes every year.On this day we worship Goddess Lakshmi.Now the thing why everyone likes DIWALI.Everyone likes it because they get to crackle the crackers.But in market there are also dangerous bombs but don't take them cause they can be dangerous for your life.If you want to take so take it,I don't care.At night I hope that you will go and worship Goddess Lakshmi and also crackle crackers.
SO that was some lines written by me.So now for the last time in this post.
!!!Happy DIWALI!!!

October 26, 2008

Card Trick Revealed

In the last post I showed you a card trick.So you want to know how I did that?
If yes,then see this video and if no the also see this video.

Thanks for watching the video.

October 01, 2008

A magic by me

Checkout this cool n simple magic by me
which i developed myself.

Please tell me how is it
as this is my first attempt!