December 17, 2008

A Contest

Welcome back my friends.
Sorry for not writing posts for many days.My computer was not working fine.That's why I couldn't write any post.But now I am back.
Now I am going to announce a contest.
Now I will tell you what to do in this contest.
So read it:-
I will write a story and then in the end I will ask 3 questions.You just have to answer those simple questions and then I will do a lucky draw.The winner's blog will be reviewed by me on my blog.
So here goes the first story of this contest:-

Developing Skills

Every Saturday Dalip and Mala get ten rupees each as pocket money.Mala puts her money into her piggy bank and loves rattling it.Dalip spends his pocket money the moment he gets it.
Last week their mother gave them two shiny five-rupee coins each.Mala's coins went into her piggy bank.Dalip refused to put his coins into his empty bank.Jumping with joy he said, 'I'll buy a big bar of chocolate.' On his way to the sweet shop the two five-rupee coins fell out of his hands, rolled along the pavement and disappeared down a narrow hole in the road.Kneeling, Dalip put his arm down the hole but could not find his money anywhere.What is more, he could not get his arm out. A number of people gathered round him.A lady rubbed his arm with butter and soap but his arm was firmly stuck. Someone sent for the fire brigade. Two firemen freed Dalip's arm using a special kind of grease.
Dalip was not too upset by this experience.Why should he be? Because the lady who owned the sweet shop gave him a large box of chocolates.

The End!!!

Now the time of 3 simple questions:-

Q.1-Who helped Dalip to pull his arm out of the hole?
Q.2-How did a lady try to help Dalip?
Q.3-Who gave Dalip a box of chocolates?Did she do so:-
a)because she felt sorry for Dalip?
b)because Dalip loved chocolates?
c)because she liked children?

Answer these questions by commenting on my post and also leave your blog's links with your answers.In the next post I will tell who is the winner.