September 28, 2009

Happy Dusshera

Hello everybody.Today is Dusshera.I wish all my blog readers a HAPPY DUSSHERA.
Dussehra is a the festival of Victory of Good over Evil.
In India harvest season begins at this time and as mother earth is the source of all food the Mother Goddess is invoked to start afresh the new harvest season and to reactivate the vigor and fertility of the soil by doing religious performances and rituals which invoke cosmic forces for the rejuvenation of the soil.On the day of Dasha-Hara, statues of the Goddess Durga are submerged in the river waters. These statues are made with the clay & the pooja is performed with turmeric and other pooja items, which are powerful disinfectants and are mixed in the river waters. This makes water useful for the farmers & yields better crops.

Here is an e-card to wish all my readers a Happy Dusshera.

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September 27, 2009

Champions Trophy 2009(Results)

Hello people.In this post I will tell the result of yesterday's matches.One in detail and another one not in detail.
West Indies vs Australia
Result-Australia beat West Indies by 50 runs

India vs Pakistan
This match started with Pakistan batting.Their openers were Imran Nazir and Kamran Akmal.They made a little bit good partnership of 29 runs.Imran Nazir(20) was the one to get out by Ashish Nehra.After three wickets had fallen we saw a great partnership of 206 runs by Mohammed Yusuf(87) and Shoaib Malik.Yusuf got out and when he got out the score was 271-4.This led to a great score by Pakistan.That score was 302-9.Then India came to bat and they lost their first wicket as Sachin Tendulkar(8).The team's score at that time was 23-1.Then Rahul(76) Dravid and Gautam Ghambhir(57) made a partnership of 77 runs.After that there was only one man with good score.It was Suresh Raina(46).India scored 248 all out in 44.5 overs.I think if they didn't lose wickets they would have won.

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September 26, 2009

Champions Trophy 2009(Result of a match)

Hello everybody.Yesterday there was a match between England and Sri Lanka.England beat Sri Lanka by 6 wickets.
The match started with Sri Lanka batting first.Their openers were Sanath Jayasurya and Tilkaratne Dilshan.The 1st wicket fall down Sanath Jayasurya on 7 runs.He made 0 runs.The second one to go back to pavilion was Dilshan.He also got out when team was on 7 runs.He made 2 runs.England bowlers were looking good but in the middle order of Sri Lanka.Angelo Mathews made 52 runs and Thilina Kandamby made 53 runs.Because of these two batsmen Sri Lanka was able to make 200 runs.Their total was 213-10 in 47.5 overs.Stuart Broad took 5 wickets from England's side.Then England came to bat.Their first wicket went on 9 runs and second on 19 as Andrew Strauss(9) and Joe Denly(5) respectively.But then Owais Shah and Paul Collingwood made a 63 run partnership.Owais Shah made 46 and Paul Collingwood made 44 runs.After that Eoin Morgan(62) and Matt Prior(28) took England to the win in just 45 overs.

Hope you enjoyed this match.
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September 25, 2009

Champions Trophy 2009

Hello people.As you all know Champions Trophy 2009 started on 22nd September so I am going to give you the results of first 3 matches.

South Africa vs Sri Lanka

Result-Sri Lanka beat South Africa by 55 runs(D/L Method)

Pakistan vs West Indies

Result-Pakistan beat West Indies by 5 wickets

South Africa vs New Zealand

Results-South Africa beat New Zealand by 5 wickets

Today's Match

Sri Lanka vs England

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September 19, 2009

Happy Birthday BLOGGER

Hello.I got to know today that it was Blogger's 10th Birthday on 23rd August.I got to know by google blog.Here is the photo of blogger's logo:-

HAPPY 10th Birthday Blogger.Keep rocking.Blogger is one of my favourite sites.Keep going blogger.I like it more than Wordpress cause it is very easy to use and it has many features.

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Champions Trophy coming closer

Hello everybody.As you all know Champions Trophy is coming closer and closer.It is on 24th of September.Waiting for that and hoping that India wins and comes back to no.1 spot.They were there for so less time,even less than 24 hours.Here is the link for the Champions Trophy 2009 fixtures CHAMPIONS TROPHY 2009 FIXTURES.
Here is the Indian squad from the Champions Trophy.
1.MS Dhoni(Captain/Wicket Keeper)
2.Yuvraj Singh(Vice Captain)
3.Rahul Dravid
4.Gautam Ghambhir
5.Dinesh Karthik
6.Harbhajan Singh
7.Praveen Kumar
8.Amit Mishra
9.Abhishek Nayar
10.Ashish Nehra
11.Yusuf Pathan
12.Suresh Raina
13.Ishant Sharma
14.RP Singh
15.Sachin Tendulkar

So enjoy the Champions Trophy.
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September 15, 2009

New Story by me: A Fan's Life

Hi everybody.I am here with my new story: A Fan's Life.It is related to an incident in the 2007 Football World Cup Final.

Here is the story:-


Vicky Bhattacharya, a 14 years old boy was a big fan of Zinedine Zidane, a French football player. He wanted to become like him and also meet him. His father Vikram Bhattacharya found a football coach for Vicky. The name of the coach was Ronney Budine. He started coaching Vicky. In 7-8 months Vicky learned very much of football. He became 15 years old in between the training. When the training was over Vicky became 23 years old and his coach got a problem in his stomach. Vicky went to his coach and said “Thank you very much for training me and making me a perfect football player. Now I just want to do one thing” “What do you want to do?” asked Ronney “It is very close to my favourite player” said Vicky “OK do it” Ronney said Vicky hit his head on Ronney’s stomach and Ronney died and the Vicky got scared and ran from there.


Author-Vinayak Nagri

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September 11, 2009

Book Review:The Secret Seven

Hi Everybody.As my theme problem is solved I can update my blog with more posts.
In this post I will review a book.
The Secret Seven:Shock For The Secret Seven
Here is the story:
Dogs are going missing all over town, and when poor Scamper also disappears and they also suddenly become the Secret Six, can they find it within themselves to solve the mystery?

Here is the Review:It started all well in the first chapter and in the second chapter Secret Seven had a meeting.In that meeting Secret Seven got broke down to Secret Six because Jack left it in anger.After that in the 8th chapter dogs started being stolen with SHADOW,Matt the shepherd's dog.This dog thief stole about 9 dogs and then it was SCAMPER,Peter and Janet's dog.It was a golden spaniel.This dog stealing got bigger and then Secret Seven oops Secret Six got to work.Jack also got to know about this and he also searched for the dog-stealer.In the end Jack was the one to get the thief and with this Peter got him back in the Secret Six oops now once again Secret Seven.How Jack got out of the Secret Seven and who was the dog-stealer read this book.I will rate it 4/5 for its great suspense.
(It has many covers so don't think that you have to take only that book which has a cover like I have shown in the picture)
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Pro-Black Problem:Solved

My Pro-Black problem is solved.Thanks to Danzy who gave me a site Date Solutions/Blogger Styles.I wanna thank Danzy for that site and now this theme will not be removed.Thanks to Danzy and Blogger Styles.
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Problems in Pro-Black so select a new theme

Hello Everybody.
I have a problem in Pro-Black theme so I couldn't keep it.
First of all the date thing.In every post the date of publishing comes is 17 April.I asked Danzy and his answer didn't changed it.I do not blame him because in the older theme I asked him and it worked.There are much more problems.So now I want you people to vote for a new theme.This time I will upload 3 pictures of themes.The first vote will decide my new theme.Here are the pictures:-
1.Blogging Delicious

2.Bunny And Teddy

3.Spring Flowers

The first voter's vote will be counted and that theme will be applied on my blog.

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September 07, 2009

100th post with the best posts

Hello everybody.This is my 100th post.CENTURY Hurray
In this special post I will list some of the best posts in the blog till now.So here I go

So they were some of the best posts from my blog till now.Now I will be applying the Pro-Black theme so be sure to visit and see how my blog looks in it.

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September 06, 2009

My new theme

Hello people.In this post I will tell the results of the voting for my blog's new theme.I just got 12 comments.I didn't waited for more 18 comments because if any virus came and also because of the school I was not getting much time for the publicity so I am posting the results.

1.Blogging Delicious
This theme got 0 votes.
2.Bunny and Teddy
This theme got 0 votes.
3.Photographic Film
This theme got 1 vote.
4.Paper Craft
This theme got 1 vote.
5.Spring Flowers
This theme got 2 votes.
6.Geek Village
This theme got 0 votes.
7.Green Mile
This theme got 1 vote.
8.Seeking Restaurant
This theme got 3 votes.
This theme got 5 votes.
10.Notepad Chaos
This theme got 1 vote.

So the result is here, Pro-Black is the winner.I would be applying the theme after the next post.Now say bye bye to my current theme and wait for my new theme.Now the next one would be the 100th post.Be sure to visit because I will list some of my best posts in it which I think are the best in the blog.
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