September 06, 2009

My new theme

Hello people.In this post I will tell the results of the voting for my blog's new theme.I just got 12 comments.I didn't waited for more 18 comments because if any virus came and also because of the school I was not getting much time for the publicity so I am posting the results.

1.Blogging Delicious
This theme got 0 votes.
2.Bunny and Teddy
This theme got 0 votes.
3.Photographic Film
This theme got 1 vote.
4.Paper Craft
This theme got 1 vote.
5.Spring Flowers
This theme got 2 votes.
6.Geek Village
This theme got 0 votes.
7.Green Mile
This theme got 1 vote.
8.Seeking Restaurant
This theme got 3 votes.
This theme got 5 votes.
10.Notepad Chaos
This theme got 1 vote.

So the result is here, Pro-Black is the winner.I would be applying the theme after the next post.Now say bye bye to my current theme and wait for my new theme.Now the next one would be the 100th post.Be sure to visit because I will list some of my best posts in it which I think are the best in the blog.
Keep visiting my blog for more.

1 comment:

angel from heaven said...

Congrats on your new theme.enjoy blogging.