September 11, 2009

Book Review:The Secret Seven

Hi Everybody.As my theme problem is solved I can update my blog with more posts.
In this post I will review a book.
The Secret Seven:Shock For The Secret Seven
Here is the story:
Dogs are going missing all over town, and when poor Scamper also disappears and they also suddenly become the Secret Six, can they find it within themselves to solve the mystery?

Here is the Review:It started all well in the first chapter and in the second chapter Secret Seven had a meeting.In that meeting Secret Seven got broke down to Secret Six because Jack left it in anger.After that in the 8th chapter dogs started being stolen with SHADOW,Matt the shepherd's dog.This dog thief stole about 9 dogs and then it was SCAMPER,Peter and Janet's dog.It was a golden spaniel.This dog stealing got bigger and then Secret Seven oops Secret Six got to work.Jack also got to know about this and he also searched for the dog-stealer.In the end Jack was the one to get the thief and with this Peter got him back in the Secret Six oops now once again Secret Seven.How Jack got out of the Secret Seven and who was the dog-stealer read this book.I will rate it 4/5 for its great suspense.
(It has many covers so don't think that you have to take only that book which has a cover like I have shown in the picture)
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sajith viswam said...

A rating 4/5 for its great suspense is really good. i will definitely try to get this and read.. thanks for introducing this..

keep blogging..

Shruti Sharma said...

secret 7 is alsways gud

AMD said...

i think i'll try this book...

Suyash said...

humm thnx 4 info
will read d buk someday

Suyash said...

hmm seems 2 be interesting
will read it