September 15, 2009

New Story by me: A Fan's Life

Hi everybody.I am here with my new story: A Fan's Life.It is related to an incident in the 2007 Football World Cup Final.

Here is the story:-


Vicky Bhattacharya, a 14 years old boy was a big fan of Zinedine Zidane, a French football player. He wanted to become like him and also meet him. His father Vikram Bhattacharya found a football coach for Vicky. The name of the coach was Ronney Budine. He started coaching Vicky. In 7-8 months Vicky learned very much of football. He became 15 years old in between the training. When the training was over Vicky became 23 years old and his coach got a problem in his stomach. Vicky went to his coach and said “Thank you very much for training me and making me a perfect football player. Now I just want to do one thing” “What do you want to do?” asked Ronney “It is very close to my favourite player” said Vicky “OK do it” Ronney said Vicky hit his head on Ronney’s stomach and Ronney died and the Vicky got scared and ran from there.


Author-Vinayak Nagri

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angel from heaven said...

Try to be more descriptive and elaborate on the feelings and put some passion into the words to make make the reader engross in the story and capture their attention. said...

nice blog dear.. keep it up

Anonymous said...

is it true

Sorcerer said...

good one..
its the karma thingy