November 06, 2009


Hello everybody.As you all know that a new version of orkut has come.You can see it on Orkut Official Blog. But it is an invite only(until now) and I got it.I will tell you the new features in it.
If you are invited you will see a 'TRY THE NEW ORKUT' button right to the communities option.

Click that button and you will see the new version of orkut.Before that,I wanted to tell you that the first Orkut version is still in BETA.Now let me show you the new orkut.

As you can see my status message ' Facebook+A little bit Twitter+Some orkut team's ideas=  New Orkut.Now lets talk about the changes.You can change you picture very easily.Now you don't have to go to profile edit page and change your photo.You need to keep your cursor on the picture and you will see an option at the bottom of the picture"Change My Picture"You need to click that option.You can see the pictures instead of the names of the Recent Visitors.Now you can see the latest status message just like Twitter.The other new feature is that you can change the colour of your profile with 5 different options-Blue,Green,Orange,Pink and Black.If you will open the profile page you will be able to see only the Social part of your profile.To see the Professional and Personal parts of your profile you need to keep your cursor on More option and click the Additional Profile Info option.

Now you can even comment on the status messages of the people who use the new orkut version.(Just like facebook)

Now,on the new orkut you can see all your friends and communities just by scrolling.
There are many more new features in the new orkut.I think that the users which use facebook and twitter also will not be much pleased with the new orkut because it is copied from facebook.Even I did not liked it much.I did not loved it and I even did not hated it.The change was expected by users.I saw the status messages and I saw that many users loved the new orkut.Now let me rate the new orkut.I rate the new orkut:-
2.5/5 I didn't wanted them to be copy any site.The features which are new in the new orkut are old in facebook and were used by me.By the way,I recently found a new website like facebook- can register if you want to.

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