March 29, 2007

सुपर 8

कल के मैच में साऊथ अफ्रीका बनाम श्रीलंका में साऊथ अफ्रीका एक विकेट से जीत हासिल की है

और दुसरे मैच आस्ट्रेलिया बनाम वेस्ट इन्डेस में आस्ट्रेलिया ने वेस्ट इन्डेस से 103 रन से जीत हासिल की

आज के मैच हैं :-

वेस्ट इन्डेस बनाम न्यू ज़ीलैण्ड

March 27, 2007

Cricket World Cup 2007 super 8

You know world cup is in the air and India and Pakistan is out of the world cup.

The teams are reach in super 8 are:-

  1. Srilanka
  2. Australia
  3. West Indies
  4. New zeland
  5. England
  6. Ireland
  7. South Africa
  8. Bangladesh

The first super 8 match is on 27th March between Australia vs West Indies

So see who will win world cup

March 15, 2007

Cricket World Cup 2007

You all know that cricket world cup has come

So see

Today's Matches-
Bermuda SriLanka


Ireland Zimbabwe

March 10, 2007

Type in hindi in blogspot

If you have to type in hindi in blogspot follow these steps below
Go to settings>basic tab
use yes for the last option save it thats it
and type like ई ऍम त्यपिंग

March 09, 2007


Read this adventerous story written by me

Vini Man and Vini Bond goes to Punjab

There is one 10 years old boy Vini Man he doesn't have parents,grand parents & any relatives but he is studying in the 5th class & he always go to the school & when this boy reach to college there is one special friend for him the name of his special friend's name is Vini Bond & same to same he also doesn't have parents, grandparents & any relatives and they build one house and Vini man is start to live in this house with Vini Bond & final exams are starts in the college on 5th march & when exams is over they wait for results & first Vini Man go to college & teacher gave him report card when he opened his report card he surprised he is first in the college's last class & when Vini bond reach to the college teacher gave him when he opened report card he also surprised but a little bit he is second in college's last class and they passed the college also when they grown up in 21years they made detective & there boss said them to go Punjab to solve one case & in Punjab there is living one don-Salvatore he said to his man-Mysterio to go & kill Mr.Machman & he killed it. For this mission the boss of Vini Man & Vini Bond said them to go Punjab for search of the Mysterio & first he go to the Mr.Machman house
& he is in search of any hole & he & Vini Bond go in the Mr.Machman room where Mysterio kill Mr.Machman he saw in this room one pistol & he put hanker chief on his hand & put pistol in his hand he saw there is fingerprints on the pistol & he saw under the pistol there is back side of pistol but when they are going of their punjab's house Mysterio fired pistol from back of one wall Vini Man's leg is injured by bullet but Vini Bond go to fight with Mysterio hit the leg on Mysterio's face he fell down & Vini Bond get pistol from him & kill him & passed this case & they return in their own state Jammu.

2.Vini Man and Vini Bond goes to Uttar Pradesh

Vini Man was watching T.V. with Vini bond, and then there is boss's phone on the Vini Man's mobile. He said to Vini Man & Vini Bond to go Uttar Pradesh & they decided to go U.P. by train & they went to the railway station & climbed up on the upper side of train & when the train starting running there is one car this is of thieves they firing pistol on Vini Man & Vini Bond but they also have pistol & starting to firing pistol on thief’s car one bullet injured the leg of Vini man he fell on railway station but he is well, then the thief's car reach close to Vini Man Vini Bond kill all the theives & jump on railway station & they decided to go U.P. by plane & when they reach U.P. they build a house under a bridge & they don't know the Salvatore is also reach there & living upper side of bridge, next day morning they went to Oscar Gutierrez Gonazales's house he is chinese but living in U.P. there is also the don is said to his man-Carlos to kill Oscar & he killed it he is start to doing search of hole he saw whole house but there is no hole & they return to their house.Vini Man knows Carlos one time he is friend of Vini Man but he became killer & he also knows his house,next day morning he went to Carlos's house he starting to asking the questions but in all the questions Carlos said lie,Vini Man & Vini Bond return to their house, Carlos knows Vini Man will kill him he decided go Kerala by his plane,next day morning Vini Man buy a car of 2,00000,the car's name is Swift, it is very fast car.Vini Man sit in the car with Vini Bond & goes to Carlos's house,when they reach Carlos's house he saw the Carlos is not here he knows he has gone to kerala in plane.He drive the car in full speed & reach close to Carlos but car's petrol is over but he climbed up on the plane & hold it tightly & opened the door & come in Carlos fired pistol but there is no bullet in the pistol & Vini Man fired pistol on Carlos, one bullet injured the arm of Carlos but Carlos kicked on the Vini Man's face he fell down & when he stood up he punched on the stomach of Carlos & he fell down & Vini Man took the pistol from him & kill him & he climbed up & saw there was his car & he saw Vini Bond is driving car. Vini Man come in the plane & stops it.Vini Bond took him in the car & return to their own state Jammu.

3.Vini Man and Vini Bond meet Salvatore

Vini Man was sleeping on his bed,then there is boss's phone on the Vini Man's mobile,Vini Man pick up the phone the boss said 'go to Delhi.They decided to go delhi by aeroplane & they reach to airport & go in the aeroplane.They reach to Delhi & first they build their house in a town & Salvatore is also reached there ,next day morning first they went to Robert Szatowski's house he is chinese but living in Delhi ,there also Salvatore said to his man-Lucio to kill Robert Szatowski & he killed him.Vini Man goes to Robert's room & start to doing search of holes but there is no hole.They return to their house & next day morning they went to Salvatore's house when they stepped in the house his man Nago fired the pistol on Vini Man with this bullet Vini Man's leg is injured & he fell down & Vini Bond became angry & kicked on Nago's face & his pistol fell down & Vini Bond picked up the pistol & killed him.He picked Vini Man & go after there is one man do try to kick Vini Man but Vini Man crouched & punched on his stomach & he fell down & Vini Bond killed him.When they go after Lucio kicked on Vini Bond's face & he fell down then Vini Man also kicked on Lucio's face & he fell down & Vini Man picked pistol from Vini Bond & kill Lucio.When they go after they see there is Salvatore their old friend but he fired the pistol on Vini Man & Vini Bond but Vini Man slid to right & Vini Bond slid to left & bullet passed by the center.

4.Vini Man and Vini Bond kill Salvatore

Vini Man is also has pistol he fired pistol but there is no bullet in his pistol & there is one man-Cafu of Salvatore back of Vini Man caught his neck from back then Vini Bond kicked on Cafu's face & he fell down.Vini Bond caught Cafu's leg and before he could pull it Cafu head longed and Vini Bond fell to the back & in the back there is one pistol in the back,he put the pistol his hand & fired pistol on Cafu's but with this bullet Cafu's leg is injured & he fell down,then Salvatore fired a pistol on Vini Bond but he jumped & the bullet passed by down,then Vini Man kicked on Salvatore's face & he fell down,then Vini Man sit on Salvatore & punched 10-11 times on Salvatore's face,then Salvatore push Vini Man & he fell down & Salvatore stood up & he punched on Vini Man's face & he fell down,then Vini Bond kicked on the salvatore's face & he punched 11-12 times on Salvatore's stomach & he fell down,then Vini Man picked pistol & fired on tried to fired on Salvatore but got to a slide & Salvatore rose up & kicked Vini Man & he fell down but he rose up & kicked Salvatore & he fell down,then Vini Man picked up the pistol & kill Salvatore.

5.The Dhambar

One day Vini Man & Vini Bond booked a room in thehotel.This news was received to the brother of the Don-Salvatore. He said his man
'' Where he was resting on Thursday, February 08, 2007?''
''At the hotel' replied his man
''Put on fire in the hotel, where he was resting.
Next day, His Man putting on the fire in the hotel but Vini Man saw him from his room's window and he jumped over the window and kicked him but before he kicked him the man put on the fire in the hotel and then the Vini Man ran in his room and woke up Vini Bond and said him to pack his clothes run from the hotel and take the pistol. Then they gone from the hotel and fired the pistol on the man and the bullet gone on his leg and his leg was injured but when they came near to him the man kicked Bond and he fell down and the Man take the car of one person and gone to the Dhambhar's house the brother of the Don-Salvatore. He said ' I put on the fire but Vini Man & Vini Bond are safe'.'' Why they both are saved" Dhambar said''. He said the entire story what done in the hotel.They Dambhar said another man to kill them. His another man go to kill them and when he saw them he fired the pistol on Vini Bond but he was safed.He run and kicked the man and he fell down.Vini Bond take the pistol but when he was firing the man kicked on his hand and pistol was fell down but before Man picked the pistol he picked the pistol and killed it.Then there came more men of Dhambhar and then Vini Man came and they both killed all the men of Dhambar.Then there came Dhambhar and fired pistol on Vini Man and Vini Bond and they both are injured. When he is killing them there came Police and arrest him.But one police man standing out of the jail has a key of jail and Don has a pistol and he killed the police man.There are no more police man.They gone to settle them to the hospital.There Don catched the key of jail and ran from the police station.When police reach to the police station they police man was dead and Don is ran out of the police station.He call Vini Man and said the Don was ran out of the Police Station.Vini Man said to the doctor that he have to go anywhere with Vini Bond.The doctor said''Go but save your life from the Don''.They go to catch the Don and when they saw the Don,they ran beside him.He ran and jumped on him but Don ran out.

6.The new detective

When Vini Man jumped his leg was injured and doctor said him to take rest for 1 month.25 days later,a man come for join the team of Vini Man and Vini Bond.The name of the man is XII.Vini Man take him to the team and said he also help them to kill Don.Vini Man said to Vini Bond and XII 'Go and find the Don''.When they gone to find the Don.He came to Vini Man house,and then the fight begins between The Don and Vini Man. Between the fight he call Vini Bond and said’ The Don is in his house, When they reached in the home. Vini Man is unconscious .Vini Bond said XII to take Vini Man to the hospital and I go to find the Don. When Vini Man became conscious .He go to find the Don, when Vini Man got the Don then Vini Bond also got the Don. They fight with the Don and when they are firing the pistol, the Don kicked on there hands and there pistol was fell down. The Don stood up and kicked them and ran from there. They chase the Don but he ran out. Then XII came there and he said he is in city palace. They go to the city palace and start searching of the Don. But the Don was run from the palace. They saw the Don and ran beside him, they ran ran but The Don get 1 car and ran from there. He gone to his house but Vini Man and Vini Bond are there. He ran from there also but in the gate also there are police.They take him to the police station and locked him to he jail. He saw top of the jail.He saw that there is on window. He takes his pistol from his pocket and fired to the window.Vini Man and Vini Bond heard the sound of pistol.He knows, that The Don try to run from jail,so he go to the window side.
When he comes down. He saw there are Vini Man and Vini Man. He kicked them and ran from there.

7.Roger Fredrick

When The Don ran out from police station.He kill one police man named Roger Fredrick,Then he do his plastic surgery.When he done the plastic surgery,he goes to the police station.He goes to Vini Man and said ''I am Roger Fredrick,I want to join police station.Vini Man said ''Ohh Roger Fredrick sit sit,You are very popular police man''.Then he said''OK join the police station but you have to help me to find The Don.Roger Fredrick said Ok.Then they start searcing of The Don.He is in one room laughing at them.He said '' I am the Don.They are searching the Don but Don is in the room.XII heard the sound.XII come to the room.He said Don you are here.The Don pick up the pistol and kill XII and he come out from window.Police and Vini Man Vini Bond heard the sound of pistol.They gone in the room and saw there is the dead body of XII.Then he saw the window.He saw the window is open.He climbed out from the window and he saw the footprints on the road.They follow the footprints,when the footprints are over.They saw there is Roger Fredrick.He said where is XII.They said you kill him.Then he said What are you saying,why I kill him.Then Vini Man saw the chain of him and said because you are The Don.What one police man said.Yes see the chain of him Vini Man said.Then he fired on Vini Man and injured him.All the police man start firing but he ran from there.Then he gone in hospital where is Vini Bond.He goes to his room and killed him.Then he goes to Vini Man and fight him.Then they together pick up the pistol and start firing,then Vini Man killed The Don and he killed Vini Man.