March 09, 2007

2.Vini Man and Vini Bond goes to Uttar Pradesh

Vini Man was watching T.V. with Vini bond, and then there is boss's phone on the Vini Man's mobile. He said to Vini Man & Vini Bond to go Uttar Pradesh & they decided to go U.P. by train & they went to the railway station & climbed up on the upper side of train & when the train starting running there is one car this is of thieves they firing pistol on Vini Man & Vini Bond but they also have pistol & starting to firing pistol on thief’s car one bullet injured the leg of Vini man he fell on railway station but he is well, then the thief's car reach close to Vini Man Vini Bond kill all the theives & jump on railway station & they decided to go U.P. by plane & when they reach U.P. they build a house under a bridge & they don't know the Salvatore is also reach there & living upper side of bridge, next day morning they went to Oscar Gutierrez Gonazales's house he is chinese but living in U.P. there is also the don is said to his man-Carlos to kill Oscar & he killed it he is start to doing search of hole he saw whole house but there is no hole & they return to their house.Vini Man knows Carlos one time he is friend of Vini Man but he became killer & he also knows his house,next day morning he went to Carlos's house he starting to asking the questions but in all the questions Carlos said lie,Vini Man & Vini Bond return to their house, Carlos knows Vini Man will kill him he decided go Kerala by his plane,next day morning Vini Man buy a car of 2,00000,the car's name is Swift, it is very fast car.Vini Man sit in the car with Vini Bond & goes to Carlos's house,when they reach Carlos's house he saw the Carlos is not here he knows he has gone to kerala in plane.He drive the car in full speed & reach close to Carlos but car's petrol is over but he climbed up on the plane & hold it tightly & opened the door & come in Carlos fired pistol but there is no bullet in the pistol & Vini Man fired pistol on Carlos, one bullet injured the arm of Carlos but Carlos kicked on the Vini Man's face he fell down & when he stood up he punched on the stomach of Carlos & he fell down & Vini Man took the pistol from him & kill him & he climbed up & saw there was his car & he saw Vini Bond is driving car. Vini Man come in the plane & stops it.Vini Bond took him in the car & return to their own state Jammu.


manorath said...

hey a really nice one... keep writing.. i want a writer frm u

Ashish said...

action,action and more action...good