March 09, 2007

Vini Man and Vini Bond goes to Punjab

There is one 10 years old boy Vini Man he doesn't have parents,grand parents & any relatives but he is studying in the 5th class & he always go to the school & when this boy reach to college there is one special friend for him the name of his special friend's name is Vini Bond & same to same he also doesn't have parents, grandparents & any relatives and they build one house and Vini man is start to live in this house with Vini Bond & final exams are starts in the college on 5th march & when exams is over they wait for results & first Vini Man go to college & teacher gave him report card when he opened his report card he surprised he is first in the college's last class & when Vini bond reach to the college teacher gave him when he opened report card he also surprised but a little bit he is second in college's last class and they passed the college also when they grown up in 21years they made detective & there boss said them to go Punjab to solve one case & in Punjab there is living one don-Salvatore he said to his man-Mysterio to go & kill Mr.Machman & he killed it. For this mission the boss of Vini Man & Vini Bond said them to go Punjab for search of the Mysterio & first he go to the Mr.Machman house
& he is in search of any hole & he & Vini Bond go in the Mr.Machman room where Mysterio kill Mr.Machman he saw in this room one pistol & he put hanker chief on his hand & put pistol in his hand he saw there is fingerprints on the pistol & he saw under the pistol there is back side of pistol but when they are going of their punjab's house Mysterio fired pistol from back of one wall Vini Man's leg is injured by bullet but Vini Bond go to fight with Mysterio hit the leg on Mysterio's face he fell down & Vini Bond get pistol from him & kill him & passed this case & they return in their own state Jammu.


sarv007 said...

are they Bichde bhai in khumb mela
or just a co incidence

Ashish said...

Vini Man and Vini Bond!!!
great names like them

mohan said...

thats a nice story
i think they were brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!