March 09, 2007

3.Vini Man and Vini Bond meet Salvatore

Vini Man was sleeping on his bed,then there is boss's phone on the Vini Man's mobile,Vini Man pick up the phone the boss said 'go to Delhi.They decided to go delhi by aeroplane & they reach to airport & go in the aeroplane.They reach to Delhi & first they build their house in a town & Salvatore is also reached there ,next day morning first they went to Robert Szatowski's house he is chinese but living in Delhi ,there also Salvatore said to his man-Lucio to kill Robert Szatowski & he killed him.Vini Man goes to Robert's room & start to doing search of holes but there is no hole.They return to their house & next day morning they went to Salvatore's house when they stepped in the house his man Nago fired the pistol on Vini Man with this bullet Vini Man's leg is injured & he fell down & Vini Bond became angry & kicked on Nago's face & his pistol fell down & Vini Bond picked up the pistol & killed him.He picked Vini Man & go after there is one man do try to kick Vini Man but Vini Man crouched & punched on his stomach & he fell down & Vini Bond killed him.When they go after Lucio kicked on Vini Bond's face & he fell down then Vini Man also kicked on Lucio's face & he fell down & Vini Man picked pistol from Vini Bond & kill Lucio.When they go after they see there is Salvatore their old friend but he fired the pistol on Vini Man & Vini Bond but Vini Man slid to right & Vini Bond slid to left & bullet passed by the center.


manorath said...

hey am mesmerised by the choice of words for ur characters.. a 9yr old can do wonders they have said.. and am seeing that in u

Ashish said...

looks like Vini bond and vini man are the next bond!!