March 09, 2007

6.The new detective

When Vini Man jumped his leg was injured and doctor said him to take rest for 1 month.25 days later,a man come for join the team of Vini Man and Vini Bond.The name of the man is XII.Vini Man take him to the team and said he also help them to kill Don.Vini Man said to Vini Bond and XII 'Go and find the Don''.When they gone to find the Don.He came to Vini Man house,and then the fight begins between The Don and Vini Man. Between the fight he call Vini Bond and said’ The Don is in his house, When they reached in the home. Vini Man is unconscious .Vini Bond said XII to take Vini Man to the hospital and I go to find the Don. When Vini Man became conscious .He go to find the Don, when Vini Man got the Don then Vini Bond also got the Don. They fight with the Don and when they are firing the pistol, the Don kicked on there hands and there pistol was fell down. The Don stood up and kicked them and ran from there. They chase the Don but he ran out. Then XII came there and he said he is in city palace. They go to the city palace and start searching of the Don. But the Don was run from the palace. They saw the Don and ran beside him, they ran ran but The Don get 1 car and ran from there. He gone to his house but Vini Man and Vini Bond are there. He ran from there also but in the gate also there are police.They take him to the police station and locked him to he jail. He saw top of the jail.He saw that there is on window. He takes his pistol from his pocket and fired to the window.Vini Man and Vini Bond heard the sound of pistol.He knows, that The Don try to run from jail,so he go to the window side.
When he comes down. He saw there are Vini Man and Vini Man. He kicked them and ran from there.


Golden Vulture said...

hmmm so so story buddy ... make it more interesting .. keep smiling

~~~Golden Vulture~~~

Ashish said...

okay types....this could have been better