March 09, 2007

4.Vini Man and Vini Bond kill Salvatore

Vini Man is also has pistol he fired pistol but there is no bullet in his pistol & there is one man-Cafu of Salvatore back of Vini Man caught his neck from back then Vini Bond kicked on Cafu's face & he fell down.Vini Bond caught Cafu's leg and before he could pull it Cafu head longed and Vini Bond fell to the back & in the back there is one pistol in the back,he put the pistol his hand & fired pistol on Cafu's but with this bullet Cafu's leg is injured & he fell down,then Salvatore fired a pistol on Vini Bond but he jumped & the bullet passed by down,then Vini Man kicked on Salvatore's face & he fell down,then Vini Man sit on Salvatore & punched 10-11 times on Salvatore's face,then Salvatore push Vini Man & he fell down & Salvatore stood up & he punched on Vini Man's face & he fell down,then Vini Bond kicked on the salvatore's face & he punched 11-12 times on Salvatore's stomach & he fell down,then Vini Man picked pistol & fired on tried to fired on Salvatore but got to a slide & Salvatore rose up & kicked Vini Man & he fell down but he rose up & kicked Salvatore & he fell down,then Vini Man picked up the pistol & kill Salvatore.


manorath said...

hey nice plot dude.. but u must now try on changing the story like salvatore escapes somehow and starts chasing viniman.. then the plot wil get interesting

Ashish said...

finally salvatore is killed!!!