December 31, 2009


Today is 31st December.Couldn't wish you at 12 am so doing it now.HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Happy New Year
This is my last ever post of 2009.In this year I made my CENTURY of posts,got my first award for this blog 'Honest Award',held the contest for getting your blog reviewed 3 times,my blog got 10,000 visits crossed and much more.Even I wrote 61(including this post) posts this year,even I got Play Station 2 which I wanted to get from some 4 years.One of the best things which happened this year, in fact the thing happened in this month only.I got a work on and upcoming online magazine Readers Quotient for writing interesting facts.They saw my blog Interesting Facts and commented on the post 'Interesting Facts About Venus' offering me the work.Here is their site - READERS QUOTIENT This magazine would be launching on 12th January or 26 January.Anything can happen so keep your fingers crossed(by the way I don't think anything happens with it).
Moving to the next year.Hoping that it would be a great year.I will hold a contest as my first post of the 2010 year.This time it would be Find Differences between Pictures.
For the last time in this post
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December 29, 2009

Redemption Websites

You want prizes for free?If yes then this post if for you.I have some websites in which you only have to do is earn points.Here are some of them:-

This site has many prizes in it such as Play Station 3,XBox 360,Ipods and many more.In this site points are abbreviated as PTZ.To earn points in this site we have to invite people,answer the dailies and we even get points for logging in.

2.My Candyman Club

This website is great fun.Earn points by registering, inviting friends,playing games,submitting your work,taking part in contests,and forwarding the games to your friends.It has prizes such as sipper,sling bag,football and much more.I have got two items from this site sipper and football.So its a must try.

So they were the websites from where you can get the free items exchanged by points.If you know some tell in the comments.
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December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays And New Year Coming Close

So it seems like it has been some 50 days since I have not written a post.It was not a internet connection problem but I didn't had any topic.I wanted to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS yesterday but couldn't do it because of internet connection.Yesterday it was not connecting.Now I wish you:-

The new year is also coming close so I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance.

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