December 29, 2009

Redemption Websites

You want prizes for free?If yes then this post if for you.I have some websites in which you only have to do is earn points.Here are some of them:-

This site has many prizes in it such as Play Station 3,XBox 360,Ipods and many more.In this site points are abbreviated as PTZ.To earn points in this site we have to invite people,answer the dailies and we even get points for logging in.

2.My Candyman Club

This website is great fun.Earn points by registering, inviting friends,playing games,submitting your work,taking part in contests,and forwarding the games to your friends.It has prizes such as sipper,sling bag,football and much more.I have got two items from this site sipper and football.So its a must try.

So they were the websites from where you can get the free items exchanged by points.If you know some tell in the comments.
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Arjun Chauhan said...
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Anshul said...

does it really work ??

Shiva said...

@ Arj C - even i got a gift from mycandymanclub. it worked well a coupla yrs back, dunno abt now

Chris said...

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Vinayak said...

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bettyl said...

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