September 27, 2008

Happy tenth birthday GOOGLE

Do you know that today is the 10th birthday of Google?
First let me tell you how Google looks on his birthday with the help of a picture:-

So let me tell you what Google have given us.
Google has given us many sites like:-

Google translator
... and many more
Google has give us a messenger also
Google Talk
If you want to download it then
Download now
and also how can we forget the new web browser from Google
Google Chrome
If you want to download Google Chrome then
Download now
and many more things.
And also Google is a great search engines because:-
1.It works very fast.
2.Helpful results.
and many more reasons...
So lets wish Google on his birthday as Google has given us so many things.

September 03, 2008

Vini Man and Vini Bond 3:Chapter 7

Hi everybody!!! Now that is the last chapter of Vini Man and Vini Bond 3.Thanks for your comments on the first 6 chapters.So here we go...

7.Night at the forest

"Hey Chain where is the way to our house?"asked Vit
"I don't know"answered Chain
"What?You don't that where is our house?Then how will we go to our house?"shocked Arker
"Now what we have to do?"asked Grot
"Let's find our house"answered Chain
"Then they started to find their house as Mr Orn saw Vit and he thought"Let's follow them I will get my box" and followed them.In police station Vane was in the jail and he called a constable to open the jail.Then the constable came and opened the jail.The Vane came out from the jail and saw the key that Six Criminals.He took the key and put in his pocket and went to his neighbours house which was burned.The dead bodies saw him,Vane got scared and ran from there but this time the dead bodies didn't left him and ran after Vane.Vini Man and Vini Bond's ghost saw that the dead bodies were following Vane so they also ran after the dead bodies.At Osborn's office he wanted to know that Six Criminals were in jail or not so he called Vane but no one was taking the call but Osborn was so excited he couldn't stop him from going to Vane's house.After Osborn reached Vane's house he saw that Vane was not in the house so he started finding Vane.Now I will take you to Six Criminals.Six Criminals reached to a forest as they were searching for their house and ofcourse Mr Orn also got in the forest as he was following Six Criminals.After that Vane,4 dead bodies and Vini Man and Vini Bond's ghosts went into the forest as Vane was running from the dead bodies and Vini Man and Vini Bond's ghost were following them.Then Osborn got into the forest as he was finding Vane.After that it got dark so Vane lighted a matches and saw that there were Six Criminals.Then he took his pistol out and fired on them but then all the Six Criminals fired on Vane but Vane laid down so he got saved.Then Vit aimed on Vane but Vini Man's ghost took Vit up and up and up in the sky and left him and Vit was falling down down and down but when he got down Grot caught him.After that the 4 dead bodies ran after Vane but Vane said"Now Stop it!!!"Then he took the key out of his pocket and asked "Who's key is this?"
"It is mine key"said Mr Orn
"But the Six Criminals were saying that they found it from road"said Vane
"They were lying.They thought that this box had money and jewellery but the box just had some stones and a key"said Mr Orn
"O.K,So this key is used to open???"
"That I can't tell"replied Mr Orn
"Tell me''shouted Vane
"O.K This key is for the box which have money and jewellery"said Mr Orn
"So where the box is?"asked Vane
"The box is here only,in this forest but I don't know where in this forest"said Mr Orn
"How did that box reached here?"asked Vane
"If you are asking then listen.Do you remember your neighbours which got dead beacause of a bomb blast in their house"said Mr Orn
"Yes,I remember"replied Vane
"They had stolen my box which had jewellery and money and they kept it in this forest but when they were taking my box to the forest I put the bomb in their house"said Mr Orn
"O.K if my neighbours had stolen that box I will tell you where the box is"said Vane
Then Vane went to his 4 neighbour's ghosts and asked "Where is the box" and ghost of the uncle said "O.K come with me" and he took Vane to the box and then Vane took the box and kept it near Mr Orn and said"This is your box.Open it"
Then Mr Orn opened the box and in the box there was money and jewellery and one diamond was shining so much and from its light the full forest got lighten.Then Vane fired on Vit but Vit got aside and he was save.Then once again all the Six Criminals started firing on Vane but this time Vini Man and Vini Bond's ghost came in front of Vane.Then Mr Orn came to kill chain with a knife but Grot pushed him and the knife which was in Mr Orn's hand fell on the ground and it stood on the ground facing its back.After that Grot once again pushed Mr Orn and Mr Orn fell down and the knife went into Mr Orn's stomach and he got dead.After that Vini Man and Vini Bond's ghost picked up Vane and kept him on a tree and said"You are safe here but down anybody can kill you"
"No.I am a detective and my work is not to scare.You get aside and I will do my work"said Vane and jumped from the tree and fired pistol on Jack,Jackie and Grot.Then Chain fired pistol on Vane but Vane turned back so the bullet entered Vane's body from his back and he fell down.Then Vini Man's ghost said to Vane "Vane you are detective.You have to pass this mission"
Then Vane got up angrily and killed Arker but Chain and Vit ran from there.Then Vane ran after them and he fired the pistol on Vit's leg and Vit fell down and said to Chain"Chain,Gp from here,Go"
Then Vane came near to Vit and said"Good Bye"
After that Chain fired on Vane but very fastly Vane took Vit up and the bullet entered Vit's body and Vit got dead.Then Chain ran from there and Vane ran after Chain.Then Chain enters a house and went to the bedroom of that house silently and he took 5 bed mattresses and went to the roof of that house.After that Vane saw Chain on the roof so Vane also entered the house and went to the roof of that house where he had seen Chain.
"Good Bye Chain"said Vane to Chain
"Let's see who will die and who will live"said Chain and he threw all the 5 mattresses down to the road and jumped from the roof and when Vane saw this he also jumped from the roof and when Vane was in the air he took out his pistol and killed Chain.Chain was dead and then they both fell on mattresses but Chain was dead and Vane was saved.
Then Vini Man and Vini Bond's came there.
"Well done Vane,Congratulations"said Vini Man's ghost
"Thanks"replied Vane
Then Vane went to his house.


I hope that you liked the story.