March 09, 2007

5.The Dhambar

One day Vini Man & Vini Bond booked a room in thehotel.This news was received to the brother of the Don-Salvatore. He said his man
'' Where he was resting on Thursday, February 08, 2007?''
''At the hotel' replied his man
''Put on fire in the hotel, where he was resting.
Next day, His Man putting on the fire in the hotel but Vini Man saw him from his room's window and he jumped over the window and kicked him but before he kicked him the man put on the fire in the hotel and then the Vini Man ran in his room and woke up Vini Bond and said him to pack his clothes run from the hotel and take the pistol. Then they gone from the hotel and fired the pistol on the man and the bullet gone on his leg and his leg was injured but when they came near to him the man kicked Bond and he fell down and the Man take the car of one person and gone to the Dhambhar's house the brother of the Don-Salvatore. He said ' I put on the fire but Vini Man & Vini Bond are safe'.'' Why they both are saved" Dhambar said''. He said the entire story what done in the hotel.They Dambhar said another man to kill them. His another man go to kill them and when he saw them he fired the pistol on Vini Bond but he was safed.He run and kicked the man and he fell down.Vini Bond take the pistol but when he was firing the man kicked on his hand and pistol was fell down but before Man picked the pistol he picked the pistol and killed it.Then there came more men of Dhambhar and then Vini Man came and they both killed all the men of Dhambar.Then there came Dhambhar and fired pistol on Vini Man and Vini Bond and they both are injured. When he is killing them there came Police and arrest him.But one police man standing out of the jail has a key of jail and Don has a pistol and he killed the police man.There are no more police man.They gone to settle them to the hospital.There Don catched the key of jail and ran from the police station.When police reach to the police station they police man was dead and Don is ran out of the police station.He call Vini Man and said the Don was ran out of the Police Station.Vini Man said to the doctor that he have to go anywhere with Vini Bond.The doctor said''Go but save your life from the Don''.They go to catch the Don and when they saw the Don,they ran beside him.He ran and jumped on him but Don ran out.


Dan* said...

good thinking !

Dan* said...

i was very itching to read what is The Dhamber :D

Ashish said...

hmmmm......till now it's perfect