March 09, 2007

7.Roger Fredrick

When The Don ran out from police station.He kill one police man named Roger Fredrick,Then he do his plastic surgery.When he done the plastic surgery,he goes to the police station.He goes to Vini Man and said ''I am Roger Fredrick,I want to join police station.Vini Man said ''Ohh Roger Fredrick sit sit,You are very popular police man''.Then he said''OK join the police station but you have to help me to find The Don.Roger Fredrick said Ok.Then they start searcing of The Don.He is in one room laughing at them.He said '' I am the Don.They are searching the Don but Don is in the room.XII heard the sound.XII come to the room.He said Don you are here.The Don pick up the pistol and kill XII and he come out from window.Police and Vini Man Vini Bond heard the sound of pistol.They gone in the room and saw there is the dead body of XII.Then he saw the window.He saw the window is open.He climbed out from the window and he saw the footprints on the road.They follow the footprints,when the footprints are over.They saw there is Roger Fredrick.He said where is XII.They said you kill him.Then he said What are you saying,why I kill him.Then Vini Man saw the chain of him and said because you are The Don.What one police man said.Yes see the chain of him Vini Man said.Then he fired on Vini Man and injured him.All the police man start firing but he ran from there.Then he gone in hospital where is Vini Bond.He goes to his room and killed him.Then he goes to Vini Man and fight him.Then they together pick up the pistol and start firing,then Vini Man killed The Don and he killed Vini Man.


Dan* said...

very good !

keep it up !

n Lol at the topic :D

Ashish said...

areeey finally after every post now I liked the plot very much!!!