September 11, 2009

Problems in Pro-Black so select a new theme

Hello Everybody.
I have a problem in Pro-Black theme so I couldn't keep it.
First of all the date thing.In every post the date of publishing comes is 17 April.I asked Danzy and his answer didn't changed it.I do not blame him because in the older theme I asked him and it worked.There are much more problems.So now I want you people to vote for a new theme.This time I will upload 3 pictures of themes.The first vote will decide my new theme.Here are the pictures:-
1.Blogging Delicious

2.Bunny And Teddy

3.Spring Flowers

The first voter's vote will be counted and that theme will be applied on my blog.

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1 comment:

Dan* said...

hey vinayak the problem is with the template check the link out and follow the instruction or upload this updated template again...

Date solution