August 23, 2009

Vote for my new theme

Hello everybody.As you all know I am gonna change my blog template after 100 posts so I will post the pictures of 10 themes and you have to vote for the best.When I will get 30 comments I will post the result of this vote.So here are the pics:-
1.Blogging Delicious

2.Bunny And Teddy

3.Photographic Film

4.Paper Craft

5.Spring Flowers

6.Geek Village

7.Green Mile

8.Seeking Restaurant


10.Notepad Chaos

So vote for the best theme by commenting.I will post the result after getting thirty votes/comments.So go on decide the best theme for my blog.You will see the theme on my blog after my 100 posts.
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Dan* said...

I vote for

Pink flowers &
Seeking restaurant

angel from heaven said...

Your choice of templates are very specific to set topics unless you are gong to dedicate your blog to food or craft or phtographic those templaces are fine bit if your blog has no specific theme then you should go for a neutral themed template.
3 0r 9 my choice.
Have blog rolled you n your request.:)

Manali's Write =) said...

pro-black or notebook chaos.

Vinayak said...

its good

᠌L̶f̶A̶n̶A̶g̶a̶᠌ said...

i vote for 4 no theme

ankit said...

it is very and beauty and your are very creative

Manorath said...

i love the pro black theme..

yogishots said...

8.Seeking Restaurant

Green mile is also good.

My choise is little different than others :)

Pagal Patrakar said...

Great themes, loved Seeking restaurant

karthik said...

pro black is good

Manu said...

pro black............... :D

Prasoon said...

spring flowers....or notepad chaos...

/\/\oksh said...

itzz fantastic champ