August 18, 2009

New game review:Secret Builders

Hello everybody.
Here is a new game called Secret Builders.

Planet Cazmo
Franktown Rocks
I played them but was not able to find any game which can compete Club Penguin.But now I found one-Secret Builders,a great game.I would say just a few updates,more places and more good mini games will make it better than Club Penguin.It has a Wheel Of Fortune in it also.We can win many things from that.In this game we can even cast spells on another users.I love that feature.Now the bad things.You know what I want to say-MEMBERSHIP.But in this game there is no membership but like that we have SUPERSHILLS or we can say SUPERMONEY.In this game we say SHILLS to silver coins and SUPERSHILLS to gold coins.We can win 50 SUPERSHILLS in the Wheel Of Fortune.This is a must play game.
My Rating
Because we can get those SUPERSHILLS by Wheel Of Fortune I will give it
Just a half mark less than Club Penguin.

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1 comment:

᠌L̶f̶A̶n̶A̶g̶a̶᠌ said...

Really Good Game Yaar I Played It's Demo Version Few Days Back

My Ratting will b 8/10