August 07, 2009

New multiplayer game-Franktown Rocks

Hello everybody.
Here is a new multiplayer game like Club Penguin,Webosaurs,Planet Cazmo,Spineworld and Chobots.
In this game we have to choose our player.We have four options-Hamster,Bear,Pig and Skunk.
You can even choose your house in it.It also has four options.
The places are good in it.We can even virtually play some instruments in some shops.You should definitely try that out.The minigames are nice.It has many more things in it.
You should definitely try this game.

I wanna say one thing which is not related to this topic.It is that I have got 2 new games and that is the thing what can stop me from getting my CENTURY.But still I am not stuck to it so I am safe but there are 7 posts more so lets see could I get my CENTURY easily.

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Dan* said...

will check it out! if it doesnt require signing up ;)

aninda said...

meee tooo

sajith viswam said...

Yes Yes...Franktown Rocks !!!
cool one!!!!

Go for it i also recommend!! :)

AMD said...

me too shall try it...

Mohammed (Admin) said...

We the blog4info ( team congratulates you for your effort. I am also a 14 year old blogger.

Anonymous said...

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kai said...

ill try it