May 31, 2009

Ten Rupee Coins

Ten Rupee Coins are now introduced by the Goverment of India.
Here is its design:-
Obverse :
This face of the coin is divided into three portions. The centre portion shallbear the “Lion Capitol” of Ashoka Pillar with the legend ‘सत्यमेव जयते’ inscribed belowand the prominent international Numerals “10″ indicating the denomination.The top portion contains word “भारत” in Hindi and “India” in English. The bottom portion contains the year in International Numerals.
Reverse :
This face of the coin contains the visuals showing stylised representation of“Unity in Diversity”, a defining characteristic of our country. The symbol shall beseen as four heads sharing a common body. It shall be thought of as people from allfour parts of the country coming together under one banner and identifying with one nation. The visual code helps the user connect the visual with an individual denomination, which makes the process of identification quicker. The left upperperiphery contains the words “Ten Rupees” written in Hindi and English.

Here is how it looks:-
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Siddharth Bose said...

Iv been looking for them, no luck yet.
Nice informative post.

Pranay said...

i was actually one of the first few to own that! :p
having my father in a bank sure helps sometimes!
btw.. nice description...

Rohan Nigam said...

oh wow... Good to know this. Thanks for explaining the meaning. Just wonder if every coin that is released not only in India but everywhere across the world has such indepth thoughts and meanings behind whats embedded on them !

Divya Sai said...

Just like Pranay...i got them on the second of release..thru my friend's dad :)

Divya Sai said...

Waise I am not so happy with them...i mean lookwise they are fine, but the quality is really poor but atleast better than the new 5 & 2 ruppee coins ;)