January 25, 2009

Some Interesting Facts!!!

Hello once again.Now I am gonna share 10 interesting facts.So let me share them.

1.Your sense of smell is at its best when you are 10 years old.....explains why kids notice foul smells faster than adults.
2.Only female bees can sting.The queen bee and the worker bees are females and only they have the sting.
3.Swiftlets stay in dark caves and use echolocation* to find their way, just like bats.
4.In Echolocation, high-frequency sound waves are emitted.The path is found by listening to the reflected sound waves.
5.A rope made from 1000 hair strands could lift a full grown man.
6.Mickey Mouse's playful little pet,Pluto was named after the planet,as both were born in the same year.
7.Pluto is the smallest and coldest planet in our solar system.Its surface temperature is somewhere between -210 Celsius and -235 Celsius.
8.Charon, discovered in 1978,is still awaiting classification as either the largest moon of Pluto or one member of a double-dwarf planet with Pluto,being the other member.
9. The IAU(International Astronomical Union) has decided to use the term 'plutoid' for all dwarf-planets found beyond Neptune.
10.The IAU has given certain conditions that define a planet.Unfortunately Pluto does not fulfill the last condition,that a planet must have cleared the neighbourhood around its orbit ,therefore in 2006,after it was found that Pluto shared many characteristics with Kuiper belt objects,it was classified as a dwarf-planet.
*Echolocation-Determining the location of something by measuring the time it takes for an echo to return from it.
Source of information-
Disney Adventures(Mag)
So they were some interesting facts.


Laurel Kornfeld said...

Here are some additional interesting facts regarding Pluto:

Pluto may share many characteristics with other objects in the Kuiper Belt, but it is also fundamentally different from those objects in one crucial way. Pluto IS a planet because unlike most objects in the Kuiper Belt, it has attained hydrostatic equilibrium, meaning it has enough self-gravity to have pulled itself into a round shape. When an object is large enough for this to happen, it becomes differentiated with core, mantle, and crust, just like Earth and the larger planets, and develops the same geological processes as the larger planets, processes that inert asteroids and most KBOs do not have.

Not distinguishing between shapeless asteroids and objects whose composition clearly makes them planets is a disservice and is sloppy science.

As of now, there are three other KBOs that meet this criterion and therefore should be classified as planets—Haumea, Makemake, and Eris. Only one KBO has been found to be larger than Pluto, and that is Eris.

Only four percent of the International Astronomical Union, most of whom are not planetary scientists, adopted the definition that demoted Pluto--in a process that violated the group's own bylaws.

Their decision was immediately opposed by a petition of 300 professional astronomers saying they will not use the new definition, which they described accurately as “sloppy.”

Also significant is the fact that many planetary scientists are not IAU members and therefore had no say in this matter at all.
Many believe we should keep the term planet broad to encompass any non-self-luminous spheroidal object orbiting a star.

We can distinguish different types of planets with subcategories such as terrestrial planets, gas giants, ice giants, dwarf planets, super Earths, hot Jupiters, etc.
We should be broadening, not narrowing our concept of planet as more objects are being discovered in this and other solar systems.

The term "plutoids" was adopted by an even smaller group of the IAU and is universally disliked, making it very likely to fall into obscurity.

Pluto is a planet!

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