February 01, 2009

A Short Poem

Hello everybody.
Checkout this short poem by me:-

When I Was Born
When I was born,
I was crying
and the whole world was laughing.

One time will come,
When I will die
I will laugh
and the whole world will cry.

Poet-Vinayak Nagri
Hope you liked the poem.


Dilip said...

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Dan* said...

very nice :)

kunal said...

keep it up!!!

Hakuna Matata said...

Im impressed, that coming from one so young! Keep up the good work.

NaMiDani said...

cool...poem. I wish when i die,lot of people wil cry for me because they love me :)


NISHANT said...

You are also poet. I didnt know that.Well done, my boy.

angel from heaven said...

Nice short and sweet.

Manali's Write =) said...


Suyash said...

wts ur real age?