June 23, 2010

Vini Man and Vini Bond Chapter 5

Here we are,the 5th chapter is ready to get published but before that, here are the links of the last 4 chapters:-
Chapter 4
Chapter 3
Chapter 2
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Lets move to the 5th chapter of Vini Man and Vini Bond 4:-
Chapter 5
Let's Find Him

In the note, it was written - “Vane, I knew that you won’t be able to catch me…and guess what, I was right. You will never be able to find me. Ha Ha” Vane was angry at himself. He took the note and tore it. He didn’t know what to do, he went to the balcony of that room and he saw the plane which was going to Mumbai. “Now, I don’t think that I can catch Frot. I should go back to Mumbai.” Vane thought and the next morning he booked his ticket for Mumbai and went to Mumbai. He reached Mumbai and sat in a taxi. He had to go to the Bluemount hotel. In the way, he saw Frot. He was so surprised that he asked the taxi driver to stop, gave him the fare and went to a call booth.
“Hey, come to Mumbai. I found Frot here” said Vane to Vini Man’s ghost
“OK, we are coming” said Vini Man’s ghost and he told Vini Bond’s ghost to come with him to Mumbai. Then they flew to Mumbai and reached there.
"Now we have to find Frot. O.K?" asked Vane
"Yes we will find him. Don’t take tension"said Vini Man's ghost
"So go and find him" said Vane to both of the ghosts
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