January 02, 2010

New Contest: Find the Differences

The contest is back here.As always,the winner will get his blog reviewed by me.In this contest I will give you two pictures.You just need to find 5 differences to get to the lucky draw.By the way the picture has 10 differences.The bloggers who find all the ten differences will get a direct entry to the final.There will be no lucky draw for them.The bloggers who answer who tells 5 differences will be in the lucky draw and the winner of the lucky draw will be in the final with the ones who have given ten correct answers.Don't surf the internet for the answers.You can't copy the answers from other bloggers because I have enabled the comment moderation and I will accept the answers after the contest will be over.I request all of the bloggers who have got their blog reviewed by me that do not give the answers,but still,do comment.So here are the pictures.Best Of Luck and don't cheat.

Click the photos to enlarge



Best of luck to all of you.
Keep visiting my blog to see the results.


Amit said...

nice drawaing its u draw vini gr8 yaar

Anonymous said...


Ankit Gupta said...

1) Flame is off
2) Right Leaf is not thr
3) 1 small pebble missing
4) 1 smoke cloud missing
5) pocket missing

am an cartoonist by the way ;)


Dan* said...


1. Shoes
2. Fire in the Lanten
3. Clouds
4. Fish or Stone (i dunno)
5. Pockets
6. Bushes
7. Thumb

Waiting for the answers of other 3 i couldn't figure out :P

anurag said...

no thanks...I don't have time to do all that stuff.


Rohit Rajpal said...

Photo 1- A stone less on the way!
Photo 1- Candle lit!
Photo 1- Left shoe pointed!
Photo 1- One leaf more!
Photo 1- Pocket missing!

vice versa for photo 2......


Rohit Rajpal said...

Good job dearo!

Arjun Chauhan said...

Santas Hat
Santas Shoes
Flower Bud
Third Cloud From the chimney
Plant one leave
Santas Pocket
Grass on the left side of the house
Santas Right hand thumb
Santas Eyebrow

i did it!

Anonymous said...

1. pocket is missing
2. wick in the lantern
3. the rock in front of the hut
4. the bush behind the hut
5. the smoke cloud
6. the leaf of the plant
7. the eyebrow is raised
8. the thumb in the right hand
9. the hat is different
10. the left shoe is different

Anshul said...

great blog!! and a very unique concept.. keep up the good work

Anshul said...

1) lamp is not lighted in 2nd pic

2)One smoke puff is less in 2nd pic

3) eyebrow is raised in 2nd pic

4)Number of stripes in cap in 2nd pic is less

5)Boots are less pointed in 2nd pic

6)The plant has one less leave

7) Bush is not present near the house in 2nd pic.

8)There is a patch on the robe of the man in 2nd pic.

9)Thumb of right hand missing in 2nd pic

10)One extra pebble is lying on the path towards home in 2nd pic

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angel from heaven said...

Good innovative idea. :)

Suyash said...

nice concept:)

Zanil Hyder said...

you guys are coming up with great ideas.

by the way these are the differences.
1)lamp is not lit in the second image
2)there is no pocket on the coat.
3)small cloud or ring of smoke is missing on second image.

Rohit said...

Brilliant Idea. I just don't have the time. So sorry, mate. :)

bObBy said...

good stuff.... keep blogging.

insanely~positive said...

did you draw all that??

Vinayak said...

@ insanely positive
no I have not drawn that

mk said...

nice pic ...hope I got all ten.,.
changes in second drawing..
1. smoke missing
2. one leaf missing
3.one extra stone
4. the design of the show..
5. right thumb missing
6.pocket absent
7.lamp not lit
8.the design of the hat
9. bushes on side of house absent
10. eyebrow elevated

Zanil Hyder said...

I am commenting for the second time

1) pic 1 santa doesn't have coat pocket.
2) small cloud is missing
3) lamp is not lit
4) change in position of eyebrow.

Zanil Hyder said...

Here are the differences between the pictures

1. smoke above the chimney missing
2. one leaf missing on the plant
3.one extra stone
4. the design of the show..
5. right thumb missing
6.pocket absent on the coat
7.lamp not lit in the lantern
8.the design of the hat is
9. bushes on side of house absent
10. eyebrow different

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shaikna said...

vry nice pic.........bt easienst one........