January 17, 2010

Find The Differences: Results

This post is for the result of the Find The Differences contest.In this contest I made players of the participating bloggers on Smackdown Vs Raw 2010(PS2) and made them fight.First Rohit Rajpal and Ankit Gupta fought in a tables match.See the video below to see who
Now here are the ones who gave 5 differences
Rohit Rajpal
Ankit Gupta
Now the ones who got 10 differences
Arjun Chauhan
Aditya Aima
His blog- ~Reflections~
His blog- Mind Thinks
Zanil Hyder
His blog- Zanilhyder.info
His blog- Knowledge Hub
To see the results see the video.The differences are also in the video.

Arjun Chauhan wins this contest.I have an odd thing in the video.Spot that odd thing out in the video(presnets is not an odd thing) and the first blogger to spot that odd thing will be in my next contest's lucky draw.This is not for the ones who have got their blog reviewed on this site.
Video credit goes to Shiva Nagri.
I will review Arjun's blog - It's Arjun's Blog in the next post.I will be telling the odd thing in the next post so spot it before I add the next post in 1 or 2 days.

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Zanil Hyder said...

It is very difficult to spot a flaw in it.

I may have to check again and again to find one,infact i noticed the presnets only because you mentioned

mk said...

I couldn't get the "odd thing"....

Arjun Chauhan said...

i won this!
thanx bro!

Anshul said...

man where do you get such innovative ideas from ??!! I couldn't win the find the difference contest :(... maybe next time...

Anonymous said...

What ODD thinng you want to show in this vedio I don't understand...
by the way keep blogging

Dan* said...

hey u made up a cool video ;)