April 02, 2010

Results are out; Contest continues

Hello everybody,today the results of my final exams were declared and I got 94.3% percentage.So now lets get to the contest.The winner of the last contest is Himanshu Karki.His blog - Technology My Soul.Now let me review it:-

This blog is full of tech posts as the name says.If you visit and read his posts you are gonna get a lot of info about technology.But this year only 3 posts have been written so waiting for some new posts.The template has been carefully chosen for the blog and the template is really awesome.It is relevant to the topic of the blog.Now the widgets .The widgets on this blog are very wisely choses and are great.Great widgets.What to say more,this blog is a package so don't forget to give it a visit.Now the ratings:-
Content:- 4.5/5
Overall:-4.5/5 Just one suggestion - Write More Posts

Now lets talk about today's competition.Today's match is :-
Kings XI Punjab vs Royal Challengers Bangalore
The question for today's match is that:-
How many wides will be bowled in the match?
What do you think?Tell the answer by commenting.The person whose answer is most close to the right answer wins and gets his blog reviewed by me.

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Himanshu Karki said...

Thanks a ton buddy for this post :) :)

I wasn't able to come online so wasn't able to check this post :)

Between thanks a lot :)