April 04, 2010

Blog Reviewed: A Dreamygal's World

Hello everybody,the question for yesterday's contest was:-
How many run outs will be in the match?
We saw only one run out from Mumbai vs Deccan.That was Deccan's VVS Laxman.One blogger commented 1 run out and she is A Dreamy Gal(Don't know her real name).Her blog which is reviewed:- A Dreamygal's World.So now let me review it:-

When I saw the comments and I opened the blog,my brain had a word for this blog - AWESOME.This blog is so neat and clean that I loved surfing it.The posts are great.And the blog has a lot of awards and is even published on Blogadda.The content of this blog is very nice.The widgets include very less things such as About Me,Follow The Blog,Labels,Facebook badge and the awards that blog has got.The template is girlish.It is perfect according to the blog.So the verdict for template goes that it is awesome.Now time to rate it:-
Overall:-4/5 This blog is really very good.Do visit it:- A Dreamygal's World

Now lets talk about today's and the last contest of Series of contests week.We have two matches today but only one of them count.It is the one at 8:00 PM IST.
Delhi Daredevils vs Royal Challengers Bangalore
The question is:-
How much score will be made by the team batting first?
a)50-100 runs
b)100-150 runs
c)150-200 runs
d)200 runs or more
This is the last contest of Series Of Contests Week so I made it a little easier.If two or more bloggers have a same choice,lucky draw will be done.Simple?So try it and yeah don't forget to leave your blog's link which you want to get reviewed with your comment.

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adreamygal said...

Hey thanx for the review !! I am so glad to see review of my blog ! :) Thanks once again .n yeah for todays question i go for 150-200 runs :)

Deepak said...
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Deepak said...

t will be between 150-200

my blog name - The Last Page of My Diary.

link- cadeepaknarula.blogspot.com

$$ said...

Between 150 - 200 :)
..n I hope, I wish Bangalore wins! :)