April 26, 2010

IPL ends with Chennai winning it

Last night I stayed up till 12:30 am watching the whole match and wanting Mumbai to win it with my Mumbai Indian jersey on BUT even with an injured Sachin scoring 48 runs of 45 balls they were not able to get it and were only able to make 146-9 in reply to Chennai's 168-5.

So after the match few things still remained at Mumbai's side.They were:-
1.Sachin Tendulkar remained the top scorer of IPL 2010.
2.Mumbai retained there record of not bein "ALL OUT" in any of IPL 2010 match.
Tell more if you know by commenting.
Which team were you cheering?Well, it doesn't matter now.
Let me tell you this.I wasn't satisfied with this match.This was the final.I hoped it to be more intense,close match but it was a known match after 19.2 overs at Mumbai's side which wasn't the case in IPL 2009 or 2008.So this year was good but the 2nd year was great so the 4th one should we AWESOME.And also there will be a BIG shuffling in the 4th year as the contracts were for only 3 years and even two new teams will be added - Kochi and Pune which makes it more interesting.So the IPL 2010 is over with my rating as 8/10 to the whole tournament.Hey the T20 World Cup is coming closee.Its starting on 30th April.More Twenty Twenty coming your way

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Dan* said...

i was always on Chennai side ! very happy that they won this year !

Abbysrga said...

i was always on Chennai side ! very happy that they won this year !