March 29, 2010

Blog Reviewed: Knowledge Hub

Hello everybody,the series of contests week started in the last post where the question was:-
How many sixes will be hit in the match between Delhi and Kolkata?
10 sixes were hit in the match.7 from Delhi and 3 from Kolkata.This match was won by Delhi and in the comments Arjun Chauhan answered - 10 sixes but his blog has already been reviewed by me here:-Blog Review - Its Arjun's Blog so I can't review a blog again and again.But he has given the right answer I want to tell people that he has a great blog.Do open it and comment on it.So now let me tell you the winner of the contest.His answer was 9 sixes and that means he was the closest one.The name of the winner is Anshul Dixit and his blog is Knowledge Hub.
So let me review his blog:-

Knowledge Hub is one of my favourite blogs on the internet so I wanted to review it from nearly a month.It contains fascinating posts like the latest one Why Obama used 22 pens for a single signature? This post tells us the answer so be sure to read it.The content is awesome as I have read all the posts of this blog.So now lets talk about the template of the blog.This blog has a very clear template which I liked very much.Widgets are less and thats also a thing I liked in the blog that Anshul focused on content more than widgets.The widgets he has are really very nice.The tabs are given and it becomes easy to find out any page with the help of them.This one is a complete package and I advice you to visit this blog and read the posts.You will love it for sure.
Content:- 5/5 The content is awesome.
Template:-5/5 Clear and awesome.
Widgets:- 5/5 Less but they all are suitable to the blog.
Overall:-5/5 After that review what do you expect?
This blog is really awesome so be sure to visit it - Knowledge Hub.This is the first blog to get 5/5 on my blog.
Now lets talk about the next contest.Tomorrow's match is:-
Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab.So the question is:-

How many no bowls will be bowled in the match?

Tell the answer by commenting and yeah I wanted to tell you that don't write any number that has been written before by any blogger.And also leave your blogs which you want to get reviewed in the comments.

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Suyash said...

ok will visit his blog:)

Anshul said...

don't hv words to express hw i'm feeling ryt nw so just a small thank you Vinayak for the review :)

shaikna said...

5 to 8 no balls bowls in the matchhhhh i thinkkkkkk so

Rakesh Mallya said...

2 no balls I guess.

My blog :

prashant said...

nice review :)

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