October 18, 2009

Ten Jokes

Hello everybody.In this post I will list some jokes.So go on and have a good laugh in this post.
Here are the jokes:-

1.A man returned a book to the library and started complaining.
Man:This book has no stories!
Librarian:So you're the one who look away our phone book.

2.A man and his wife order two coffees at a cafe.
Man:Drink Quickly
Man:The menu says, hot coffee:Rs. 20, Cold coffee:Rs 30.

3.A man finally finished solving a puzzle after 3 months. He was overjoyed!Why?
Because at the top of the puzzle it was written '5-10 years'

4.Boy: Isn't our principal peculiar?
Girl:Do you know who I am?
Girl:I am his daughter
Boy:And do you know who I am?
Boy:Thank God

5.Suraj: I have changed my mind.
Rahul: Does it work better than the previous one?

6.Teacher: Sonu,if your attendance is below normal then you will not be allowed to sit for the exam.
Sonu: That's fine Ma'am, I'll stand and take the exam.

7.John: I don't want to go to school today.
Mother:Why do you not want to go to the school?Give me one reason.
John:I will give you two reasons.Firstly,every student hates me and secondly, every teacher dislikes me.
Mother:John,you are the principal of the school!

8.Teacher:Ravi,spell a word with more than 15 letters in it.

9.Hari: What's the time, Raju?
Raju: I'm not wearing my watch.
Hari: Why,where is it?
Raju: I had one that was water,dust and shock proof.
Hari: So,what happened?
Raju: It caught fire

10.Teacher:What is the outer surface of a tree called?
John:I don't know ma'am.
John:Bow Wow Woof Woof!

That is it.Hope you had a good laugh.
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mk said...

ha ha...funny one..
small jokes yet hilarious one!//

Asit Dhal said...

some are good....some are better

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