October 10, 2009

Result of the contest

As you know I held a contest to get your blog reviewed.I got 14 comments but only 2 people to give right answers.They were-
Krishna- Rotten Peace
Sorcerer(Don't know his name)- Diabolical Thoughts
And as I said I will review two blogs this time so these two blogs are to be reviewed.Here are the answers of the riddles:-
1.What's everything to someone, but nothing to everyone else?

2.What object has keys that open no locks, space but no room, and you can enter but not go in?
Answer-A Keyboard

3.If you like pretty gems that sparkle and shine, I invite you to dig in my virtual mine. My first is purple, fit for a king, My second is green where Dorothy did her thing. My third is red, July's birthstone as well, My fourth is seen in strings and is found inside a shell. My fifth is hard, pure Carbon and expensive to buy, My sixth is Crocodolite, striped like the big cat's eye. Seventh is two words, a man-made fake of April's stone, Eighth is very dark and found at Lightning Ridge alone. Now take from each gem, one letter in its turn, And you will find the stuff for which even the god's yearn.
Answer-Ambrosia The gems are: Amethyst Emerald ( Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz ) Ruby Pearl Diamond Tiger's eye Cubic Zirconium (Fake diamond) Black Opal Taking the first letter of Amethyst, second of Emerald, etc.. gives Ambrosia - The food of the gods.

5.Simon Simpleton was born in London, England. His mother was Welsh and his father Scottish. When Simon was eight his mother died. When Simon was ten his father married an Irish women and suddenly Simon had an Irish sister. When Simon was twenty four he graduated as a lawyer and took a job in Edinburgh, Scotland. He is now sixty six. Why can he not be buried on the banks of Loch Lomond in his favourite village of Luss, in Bonnie Scotland?
Answer-Because he is still alive!

They were the answers of the riddles.In this post I will review Rotten Peace and in the next post I will review Diabolical Thoughts.

I wonder why did the blog author-Krishna named his blog-ROTTEN PEACE.His blog is definitely not a rotten peace,but still a cool name.This blog is full of entertainment.The template is great.Here is the brief introduction of the blog by Krishna-
This is a blog by Krishna Nagri for all sorts of links for cartoons,movies,comics and all fun stuff.
This blog has funny posts,links for 10 cartoon episodes,links for comics,jokes on super heroes and much more.A great blog and one of my favourites.
Be sure to visit this blog.
Content- 4.5/5
Template- 3.5/5
Overall- 4/5

In the next post I will review DIABOLICAL THOUGHTS
Keep visiting my blog for more.


AMD said...

hmmm... waiting for next contest...

krishna said...

hey firstlt i kept it rotten peace coz i liked and there are not ten episode the are almost all episodes of ten cartoons

Vinayak said...

I know ur blog has all the episodes of 10 cartoons and thats what i mean in the review

sexy said...