October 16, 2009

Blog Review:Diabolical Thoughts

Hello everybody.In this post I will review the second blog which was the winner of the contest.
I was not impressed with this blog when I just saw the widgets and the theme of the blog but when I read some posts of the blog i really liked it.It is filled with humour.This blog is really good and you can visit it in your free time.
A little bit improvement would help it but still a great blog.Go on visit it.
Tomorrow is Diwali and I will post a special post.I wish you HAPPY DIWALI in advance.
I wanted to tell you that I created a form from Google Docs so that it helps me to improve my blog.I want to know what you think of my blog.Here is the link:-
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angel from heaven said...

Good review will definately check out your reviewed blog.