October 01, 2009

India out of Champions Trophy

Hello Everybody.Yesterday,India won from West Indies but Pakistan lost from Australia so India's win for going into the semifinals turned into a consolation victory.
Indian bowlers fought hard and restricted West Indies to 129 all out in 36 overs.Virat Kohli batted very well and made 79 runs not out.India made 130-3 in 32.1 overs and won the match.But Pakistan lost from Australia and India's win just got wasted.Pakistan bowled very well and took the match to 50 overs.They had made only 205-6 and Australia took 50 overs to make 206-8.Looks like Australia want their 1st ODI position back.

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Sorcerer said...

yeah..disappointing dude
i expected some magic


asit dhal said...

such thing happens in cricket...