October 17, 2009

Happy DIWALI(DIWALI special post)

Diwali has come and I wish you all a very happy DIWALI.As you all know many people love cracking crackers and they injure themselves.Last time I injured my foot a bit so I have some tips for you people.Here I go:-
1.Keep fireworks in a closed box.Take then out one at a time and put the lid back at once.
2.Follow the instructions on each firework carefully.Read them bye torchlight-never by naked flame.
3.Keep pets(if you have) indoors
4.Light fireworks at arm's length-preferable with a safety firework lighter or fuse wick.
5.Stand well back.
6.Never go back to a firework once lit - it may go off in your face.
7.Never throw fireworks.
8.Never put firworks in pockets.
9.Never fool with fireworks.
10.Keep a bucket or two of water handy just in case.
Source-The Secret Seven-Secret Seven Fireworks
So make this DIWALI the safest and the best Diwali of your life.It will help if you will follow the tips given.
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sexy said...

yes.....we must follow dis

krishna said...


Dan* said...

happy diwali... and be safe !

mk said...

quite an informative post..
we will see to that!!
Happy diwali to U!!

angel from heaven said...

Happy belated diwali to you.
Hi vinayk,

Hope you are doing great! :)

There's an award waiting for you at my blog. Kindly oblige by accepting it. Thanks!! :)