April 14, 2008

Vini Man and Vini Bond 2: 5th chapter

This is the last chapter of Vini Man and Vini bond 2. I hope you will enjoy reading it.
5. End of mission

Vane, Vini Man’s and Vini Bond‘s ghosts were walking on road and they listened the voice of guns.
“Vane c’mon let’s go there” said Vini Man’s ghost
They went there and saw Valento, Sydric, Gabroo, Valentino, Tapor and Vicky.
Then Vane takes out his pistol and fired on Gabroo and the bullet goes into his elbow and he injured and falls down. Then Valento, Sydric, Valentino, Tapor and Vicky saw Vane and cried “RUN” and they picked up Gabroo and run from there. Vane follows them and they enter one factory and they hide there. Vane’s boss saw Vane and he enter the factory and he takes out the knife from his pocket and when he was coming to kill Vane.Vini Man’s ghost saw the boss and enters his body, then Vane turned back and saw that boss was coming to kill him and he kicked the boss and said “I know boss you will kill me”
“I am not your boss I am Vini Man.I entered his body” said Vini Man’s ghost
“Oh so you know Vini Man’s ghost is living in my house” said Vane
Then Vini Man’s ghost came out from boss’s body and Vane saw him.
“Oh so you are Vini Man. Now enter his body again” said Vane
And Vini Man enters boss’s body once again and goes to boss’s office.
In the factory Vane saw Gabroo.He was limping.
“Come out Gabroo I saw you” said Vane
Then Demort came in the factory and he said “Vane you are here I was finding you in your boss’s office”
“You are Demort?” asked Vane
“Yes, I am Demort? But from where you know my name? answered and asked Demort
“Come here Vini Bond” said Vane
“Where is Vini Bond? Asked Demort
When he asked that the ghost of Vini Bond enters his body and goes to boss’s office.
Then Vane said Gabroo to put his hands up. Then Gabroo goes back slowly-slowly and said to Tapor “Tapor he is finding us”
“I know he is finding us and now I am going to kill him and you will come with me” said Tapor
“Hey listen Tapor I will kill him O.K’’ said Vicky
“O.K” replied Tapor
Then Tapor and Gabroo came out from the door where they were hiding. Vane saw them and he taken out his pistol and kill them. Then he was standing aside an opened cooler, then Sydric, Valento and Valentino ran to him and when they reached near Vane he got aside and they gone in the cooler. Then he switched on the cooler and then he had blood spots on his face. Vicky saw it and he ran from the factory and then he took one man’s bike and goes from there. Then Vane came out he ran and when he was running his pistol fell down from his pocket but he don’t pick it back. Then he took a car and then he saw Vicky and he followed him and when he reached near to him the petrol of car was over. Then he came out from car and he ran to get Vicky. Then the bike’s petrol was also over but he was sitting on the bike. Then Vane reached to him.
“You can’t kill me because you don’t have pistol” said Vicky
“If I have to kill anyone I don’t need the help of pistol” said Vane and he pushed the bike and he fell down and then a bus ran over his head and he died. Then Vini Man and Vini Bond in boss’s and Demort’s body they gone in the boss’s office’s roof and they danced there many people saw them from down and then they jumped from the roof and then Vini Man’s and Vini Bond’s ghost came out from boss’s and Demort’s died body. Then they congratulated Vane for solving his first case.

Author-Vinayak Nagri


manorath said...

buddy there was no grammar error in this post expect a few places... u have become a good writer.. this series was better than the prev one and proved the writer hidden in u... waiting for the IPL to get over in a night so that u wil post more of VINI man

huzefa said...

Man y dont u become an official writer,you can become better than JK rowling.........same goes for all da chapters

C R D said...

nice story. but u need to improve ur grammar jut a little bit
good work

Golden Vulture said...

nopes buddy ... i clicked that one from my camera !!!... well all that i can say its not a wallpaper as yet :) it can be in future !!

Golden Vulture said...

nopes buddy ... i clicked that one from my camera !!!... well all that i can say its not a wallpaper as yet :) it can be in future !!

~~~ Golden Vulture ~~~

Vikramk said...

nice one...

aditya said...

Good one vinayak. ur a good writer, and u are gonna get much better once u grow up.... so all the best and continue the vini man and vini bond series...... all the best!